Marketing Research: Final Exam

Topics: Statistical hypothesis testing, Statistics, Regression analysis Pages: 8 (1876 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Text Book Study Guide Part II
BMGT452, Fall 2011

Review the scale of the measurement: Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ordinal. These scales determines the tests to pick.

L11.1: Data Analysis Procedures, Reporting
Read: Slides, Chapter 19 pp648-653, Chapter 15 pp478-493
o Data Analysis Procedure: pp478
o Validation and Editing: pp478-486 (NOT Required for Final Exam) o Coding: pp486-490
o Data Cleaning: pp491-493 (NOT Required for Final Exam) o Structure of the Reports: pp648-653 (NOT Required for Final Exam) o Guideline for a good report pp 652 (NOT Required for Final Exam)

L11.2: Fundamental Data Analysis
Read: Slides, SPSS Guide I, Chapter 15 pp 493-496, 500-508,
o One-Way Frequency Table: pp493-496
o Descriptive Statistics: pp505-508
o How to interpret SPSS charts from one way frequency table and descriptive o Note: I will give you SPSS charts to interpret. The actual SPSS procedures will not be tested. When you review the SPSS Guide, ignore the screenshots. You need to know where to get all the necessary information and how to interpret it and how to use it. o Graphical Presentation: pp500-504 (NOT Required for Final Exam) Examples: In-class exercise; Question 1 in Problem Set 1

L12: Cross-Tab and Chi-square Test
Read: Slides, SPSS Guide II, Chapter 15 pp 497-500, 520-524, 527, 532-538 o When do you use Cross-Tab and Chi-square Test?
o Cross-tab: pp497-500
o Statistical Significance: pp 520-521
o Hypothesis Testing: 5 step process pp 521-524
o Accepting the null vs. fail to reject the null: pp 527 o Chi-square Test for Cross-Tab Tables: pp534-538
o How to do it by hand
o Chi-square Test for single sample: pp532-533 (NOT Required for Final Exam) o When does Chi-square Test Fail? (NOT Required for Final Exam) o Critical value and statistical decision with critical value o How to interpret the results from SPSS cross-tab table and chi-square test Examples: In-Class Exercise; Question 5 in Problem Set 1

L13.1: T Test
Read: Handouts on T Test, SPSS Guide II, Chapter 15 pp 545-546 o When do you use T Test?
o Two-sided T Test
o Five steps to do independent T Test to compare means of two groups o How to interpret the results from the SPSS output o Please note that the textbook directly calls it Z test statistics. T Test and Z Test are the same thing when the degree of freedom is larger than 30. The calculation of Z test statistic is the same as T Test statistics. The T distribution with degree of freedom higher than 30 approximates the standard normal distribution with mean 0 and standard deviation 1. We talked about that when the degree of freedom is larger than 30, we could use the last row in the T distribution table. That row is the critical values for the standard normal distribution. SPSS calls it T Test. I also prefer T Test as it doesn’t introduce new terminologies. Examples: In-Class Exercise; Question 3, 6 in Problem Set I

L13.2: ANOVA Test
Read: Slides, SPSS Guide II, Chapter 8 pp 548-553
o When do you use ANOVA Test?
o Five steps of ANOVA Test: pp548-553
o Note: I don’t require you to know how to calculate the ANOVA F Test Statistic. I only require you to be able to conduct ANOVA Tests in SPSS and be able to interpret the SPSS output. o Limitation of ANOVA Test

o P value and statistical decision with p value: pp553
Examples: In-class Exercise, Problem 1 in Problem Set 2

L14: Bivariate Regression
Read: Slides on Regression and Prediction, SPSS Guide III, Chapter 19 pp566-570, Chapter 15 pp572-580 o When do you apply bivariate regression ?
o Bivariate regression model: dependant variable vs independent variable o How do you get the best fit line from the SPSS output? o How do you interpret the intercept and slope coefficients? o ANOVA Test in LR for...
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