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Marketing Assigment

By aminaakram997 Oct 16, 2014 666 Words
Assignment 9: Marketing
(20 points)

In Section 9, you learned about marketing. Now, you'll apply what you learned.

1. Visit a Web site for a company that sells products online. Then go to that company's corporate Web site. Compare the company's product sales site with its corporate site. Describe at least 3 differences between them. (1-3 sentences. 3.0 points)

The website of the company I visited was Ebay. Its corporate site and the product sales site differ in many ways, for example the corporate website describes the company and its purpose, while the product sales site does not. The corporate website includes the press releases while the product sales site does not. Lastly, the corporate website includes information about the investor relations while the product sale doesn’t.

2. Choose a well-known company, and describe at least three qualities that you associate with that company or brand. Explain why you associate those qualities with that brand. (1-6 sentences. 3.0 points) TIP: This can be the same company you used in question 1 above, or it can be different.

Ebay is efficient, safe, and helpful. It is efficient in finding whatever you want to buy, and it is safe because it is a trusted company, and also helpful in case the customer did not receive the product. They have an option where you can get a full refund if you still did not receive the product.

3. Choose a well-known company, and describe what you think that company's target market is. How can you tell? (1-5 sentences. 3.0 points) TIP: This can be the same company you used in question 1 or 2 above, or it can be different.

I believe that Ebay has a wide target market, for it sells everything, like books, pianos, accessories, clothes, antiques, technologies …etc

4. Describe either a desire-based or fear-based advertisement that you have seen. Explain what desire or fear you think the ad is using. (1-5 sentences. 3.0 points)

I once saw a desire-based Mac cosmetics ad. They had a model putting mascara on, and they showed how she looked before and after putting it. It looked amazing and it encouraged me to buy that mascara because of the ad that I saw.

5. Choose a well-known company that you are familiar with, and write a customer profile survey that company could give its customers with at least 6 questions that will be useful for that company. (3.0 points)

The company is Nike, and this is the customer profile survey:

What is your gender?
How old are you?
Do you like our products, and do you recommend them to others? What is your relationship status?
What is your zip code?
Are you satisfied with our products?

6. Choose a well-known company that you are familiar with, and explain how that company could use each of the five P's of the marketing mix to achieve its brand image and sales goals. (1-8 sentences. 5.0 points)

The five P’s of the marketing mix are people, place, price, product, and promotion. A well-known company is McDonalds; they use the five P’s. Place: It is a worldwide fast food restaurant that is located everywhere. People: They always like want their customers to be satisfied, and they have good service, for their employees are very kind. Product: They provide a good packaging, and it has been said that they use eco-friendly packaging. Price: Their prices are good. Their food is not expensive and it is very likely for the prices to go up. Promotion: They offer discount sometimes, for example if you buy a coca cola, you can find in some bottles written “McDonalds meal” and when you go to McDonalds, they offer you a discount. The five P’s help keep the customers satisfied and happy; they also give McDonalds a good reputation. The five P’s ensure that there will be more customers and they will also reach their sales goals.

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