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Statistical Significance

A Study on Gugo and Okra as Homemade Shampoo A Research Done by: Francine Faye A. Jumaquio Majaline Faye A. Tolentino Romer T. Nepumoceno Talavera National High School Talavera Nueva Ecija A Study on Gugo and Okra as a Homemade Shampoo Claudine M. Lajara I-Rosal Introduction This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a homemade shampoo out of the native Gugo, scientific name Entada phaseuoliodes and Okra, scientific name Abelomoschus Esculentus L. in making...

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6.2.5 Statistical Analysis System

6.2.5 Statistical analysis The values are expressed as mean ± SEM. The statistical analysis was carried out by one-way analysis of variance using SPSS (version 17) statistical analysis program. Duncan’s post hoc multiple comparison tests were used to determine significant differences among groups. P < 0.05 was considered to be significant. 6.3 Results 6.3.1 Liver function tests Liver toxicity markers were assayed to assess hepatic injury. The activities of alkaline phosphatase (ALP), acid phosphatase...

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Article Cr

affective, cognitive, and psychomotor domains. The research base is even more shallow when effects of testing students by computer technology are explored. Comments: The problem statements agreed with the title and seemed to be of educational significance. The problem was not clearly visible to the average reader, and it required several readings to establish why the researchers felt this study needed to be done. It was limited to the researchers’ capabilities and resources. o Review of Literature ...

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Voter Turnout Analysis

extant research suggests that are many differences between Virginia, a Peripheral South state, and the states of the Deep South. All of this said, the findings for Tennessee are interesting. While not significant at traditional levels of statistical significance, my Tennessee variable was significant at the 90 percent confidence level in Models 5 and 6. There has been previous discussion among scholars about what states constitute the “South.” While the 11 former Confederate states are typically...

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Bamboo Charcoal as a Soap

cost 3. Ha: There will be a good claim of the study to: a.) consumers b.) commercial establishments c.) students Ho: There will be no good claim of the study to: a.) consumers b.) commercial establishments c.) students SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Cleanliness of body or other parts of body is what everybody wishes to have within him, her, or their family. Eating proper foods is not the only way to achieve this. People’s life is affected with the environment they live. Air...

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Product Life Cycle Essay Briefs

product classes and product forms in the food and health&personal care categories while for product forms and brands in the cigarette category. The results naturally divided into two parts: the performance of the life cycle model compared in statistical and actual data; and the management implications of this performance. On the overall results they hypothesized that the life cycle model is able to be a better descriptor of sales behavior of health and personal care products than of food items...

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Efficiency of TIP QC's ARIS

Is there significant relationship between the accession of ARIS and its efficacies in terms of a) Connectivity b) Process System Hypothesis There is no significant difference between the accession of ARIS and it’s effiencies. Significance of the study The results of the study will be beneficial to the following. Students. The finding of the research benefits all students for their reported problems. The proposed study will serve as their reference on guide for the accurate information...

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Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial

listed below along with the statistical results whether the hypothesis was accepted or rejected. The results of the testing are also explained. Hypotheses H1A: There will be a statistically significant relationship between gender and Franklin Pierce University students’ attitudes towards the Aaron Hernandez murder trial. This hypothesis was tested with a chi square. The calculated X2 was 8.7. Since this is greater than the Table X2 of 6.655 at .01 level of significance, H1A is accepted. There is...

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Chi-Square Test

CHI-SQUARE TEST (χ²): Chi-square is a statistical test commonly used to compare observed data with data we would expect to obtain according to a specific hypothesis. For example, if, according to Mendel's laws, you expected 10 of 20 offspring from a cross to be male and the actual observed number was 8 males, then you might want to know about the "goodness to fit" between the observed and expected. Were the deviations (differences between observed and expected) the result of chance, or were they...

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Alex Lazarev

assist and mislead us, and how we can determine whether to accept the statistical evidence that is presented. By: - Alex'Lazarev Student number: 2111-002 IB ТОК Essay 02/03/06 According to the definition, "statistics is a mathematical science pertaining to collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data." - (From wikipedia.com) Nowadays, statistical data is a very important and useful source of knowledge. Today you can...

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