Sample Outline for Review Gap Purpose Significance Scope

Topics: Simulated reality, Statistical significance, Compressive strength Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: January 28, 2015
Sample Outline for Review, Gap, Purpose, Significance and Scope

1.3.1 The Numerical Approach
… (omitted review of earlier studies)
Modified Smith’s model incorporating Novak’s theoretical solution -Simon & Randolph (1985), Wong (1988) different definitions of ultimate failure – assumptions
difference in result – insignificant
Discrepancy - measured & simulated radiation damping effect - cause (Nogami & Konagai, 1986) Deal with discrepancy - include shear zone - Novak & Sheta, 1994 [Summary/Comments]
All models able to simulate pile dynamic response
Simulate soil nail dynamic pullout response-uncertain: assumption vs reality

1.3.2 Experimental Approach
[Link to section 1.3.1] Models require pre-determination of ultimate failure behavior need guideline on determination of ultimate dynamic interfacial strength experimental work on relationship betw ultimate soil strength & loading freq Coyle & Gibson (1970)– triaxial condition, sample, results Comment –why results may not explain soil nail dynamic pullout response Heerema (1979) – modifications to Coly & Gibson’s, results Comment –No restraint dilatancy effect, no load displacement response Dayal and Allen (1975) & Litkouhi and Poskiti (1980) –on pile driven rate No direct assessment on friction. No base resistance, rely on interfacial res Different mechanisms in compression& tension test (Nicola & Randolph,1993) Randolph (1998) interfacial resistance in compression test - 30% higher than tension test

studies reported effect of dynamic loading on ultimate interfacial resistance Dynamic load displacement relationship – essential, to predict soil nailed structure deformation numerical model, experimental observation on characteristic of dynamic interfacial resistance not applicable to describe dynamic interfacial resistance of dynamic soil nail pullout response

[Transitional paragraph summarizing gaps]

Purpose of study ….. (please add content- do not...
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