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MutualiCells and Performance of Grade 7 Students in Comparing Animal and Plant Cell

Descriptive-comparative design was used in the study. A total of thirty grade 7 students of F. Bangoy National High School were chosen as respondents through simple random sampling. Mean and standard deviation, Paired Samples T- Test and Eta- Squared were the statistical tools used in the analysis of data. The results revealed that there was significant difference in the scores of the respondents before and after the implementation of Mutualicells technique. The effect of Mutualicells technique was large. Thus,...

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Investigating Diffusion of Molecules across a Membrane

erythrocytes in ethylene glycol was 33.99 seconds (± 4.52 sec, n = 11), while it was 70.36 seconds in diethylene glycol (±8.75 sec, n = 11) and 177.56 seconds in triethylene glycol (± 24.44 sec, n = 11). GraphPad online software was used to conduct statistical analysis of the data. After a paired, two-tailed t-test was conducted, the difference between hemolysis time of ethanol and methanol was found to be not statistically significant (P = 0.0666, t = 2.0577, df = 10). Similarly, a paired, two-tailed...

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Clinical Improvement In The Treatment Of Xerosis With MAI From Antera Camera Assessment

0.07) (p=0.079) compared with day 14 (0.58 ± 0.07) (p=0.158) and the baseline (0.57 ± 0.07). Figure 2 MAS062D provided a decrease in the transepidermal water loss (TEWL, g/m2 h) between baseline, week 2 and week 4 respectively without statistical significance. ANOVA Test, p>0.05 Figure 3 Skin hydration measured by corneometer was proved to obtain a statistically significant improvement after the treatment with MAS062D from baseline to day14 and 28, respectively. *ANOVA Test *p<0.001 Figure...

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Effect of Absentee Parent

academic performance of the respondents with absentee parents and those who have not? HYPOTHESIS There is no significant difference between the academic performance of the respondents with absentee parents and that of those who have not. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The Students – for them to know the effects of absentee parent to their academic performance. The Teachers – for them to realize the situation of their students such as absence of parent can cause failing mark. The Parents – for...

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automated enrollment system

system. 1. Automation is not an effective tool for the improvement of the school’s enrollment system. 2. There are no significant difference in the comparative result between the manual enrollment and automated enrollment system Hypotheses Significance of the Study Researchers School management Field of Information Technology/ Systems on schools Future Researchers Research Design Experiment No. Type Effectivity Productivity Rate Experiment 1 Manual Enrollment Process Effective 40...

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Teacher Trainees

technologies. Teachers will always require some amount of support dependent upon the teachers’ own knowledge and motivation to learn and use technology. Some solutions have been offered to teachers as a way to cope with technology induced stress. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Many teacher trainees know the content well but have not learned to transform or translate that knowledge into meaningful instruction. Although pre-service teachers do have a degree of knowledge with regard to ICT, they have little...

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Findings of Patrol Experiments

that differences did not happen in crimes that consisted of commercial burglaries, auto theft, and robberies. They all still happened, no matter where the police were located. The second finding was, “Departmental Reported Crimes showed only one statistical difference among 51 comparisons drawn between reactive, control and proactive beats.” (Kelling, 20) The one difference was in the category of sex crimes involving rape. Rates of reporting crime was the third major finding. “Crimes citizens and...

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Education and Broken Home

Broken homes result from lack of understanding, insecurity and lack of caring as well as provision of basic amenities for the family. 4. There will be no significance between the performances of sciences students from broken homes and stable homes 5. The socialization at home will influence the prosperity of science students education. 1.6 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The purpose of this study is to carry out research on possible causes of broken home and its consequences on the educational prosperity...

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Private Equity

movement of venture capital return. And α is 0.0199 and significant at 10% significance level; β is 0.5883 and significant at 1% significance level. Managers of venture capital seem to beat the market. The R2 is 0.4774. The movement of market risk premium can explain 47.74% the movement of buyout return. In this regression, α is 0.0162 and significant at 1% significance level; β is 0.3811 and significant at 1% significance level. Managers of buyout seem to beat the market. c) Regression results...

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Reading Comprehension and Mathematical Problem Solving Skills

researcher-made test on mathematical problem solving, and Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test were used by the researcher in gathering data. For data analysis, the following statistical tools were used: frequency, percentage, mean, t-test, analysis of variance and Pearson Product-Moment Coefficient of Correlation. The significance of the differences and relationship were tested at 0.05 level. Based on the findings, the following conclusions were drawn: The fourth year high school students of Tagaytay...

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