Statistical Significance and Homemade Shampoo

Topics: Statistical significance, Hair, Hair care Pages: 6 (1378 words) Published: January 5, 2012
A Study on Gugo and Okra as Homemade Shampoo

A Research Done by:
Francine Faye A. Jumaquio
Majaline Faye A. Tolentino
Romer T. Nepumoceno

Talavera National High School
Talavera Nueva Ecija

A Study on Gugo and Okra as a Homemade Shampoo

Claudine M. Lajara


This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a homemade shampoo out of the native Gugo, scientific name Entada phaseuoliodes and Okra, scientific name Abelomoschus Esculentus L. in making different type of hair stronger.

Four phases were done: Phase 1, the control treatment; Phase 2, homemade shampoo compared to control treatment; Phase 3, homemade shampoo compared to varied concentration of gugo and okra; and Phase 4, where the acceptability of the homemade shampoo was determine in terms of smoothness, softness, and manageability.

Statement of the Problem:

Specifically, the researchers aimed to answer the following questions:

1. Can gugo and okra be used as raw material in making shampoo? 2. How effective are gugo and okra on the tensile strength of the hair? 3. Which treatment is more effective – treatments with greater concentration of okra than gugo or more gugo than okra?


A. Preparation of Materials
About 10,000 hair strands were gathered from four respondents having different types of hair, (normal, and dry, ethnic, curly). In each type of hair, 2020 strands were used: 240 strands for water, okra, 10 percent gugo, and 100 percent gugo; 240 strands for seven brands of shampoo; 120 strands for gugo and okra; and 600 strands for 10 treatments with varied concentration of okra and gugo.

Five hundred grams of gugo bark were boiled in 70 ml of water for 30 minutes, and strained to extract the juice. The decoction was placed in a clean bottle. To prepare okra decoction, 200 grams of okra fruits were boiled in 200 ml tap water for10 minutes. The cooked okra was masked for extraction and decoction was strained for the preparation of solution. The homemade shampoo was prepared from 50 ml gugo decoction and 50 ml okra decoction. A 58ml coconut oil was added to the mixture and placed in an earthen pot. It was heated for 5 minutes and placed in a clean bottle.

The homemade shampoo was then prepared into two setups: setup A and setup B. The treatment involves four type of hair (normal, dry, ethnic, curly).

Setup A
|Treatment |Gugo (ml) |Okra (ml) | |1 |50 |50 | |2 |40 |60 | |3 |30 |70 | |4 |20 |80 | |5 |10 |90 |

Setup B
|Treatment |Gugo (ml) |Okra (ml) | |1 |50 |50 | |2 |60 |40 | |3 |70 |30 | |4 |80 |20 | |5 |90 |10...

Bibliography: Jumaquio, Francine Faye A.,, “A Feasibility Study of Gugo and Okra as
Homemade Shampoo”.
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