Danville Airlines

Topics: Huntington's disease, Airline, Federal Aviation Administration Pages: 2 (981 words) Published: October 25, 2014
DATE14 October, 2014 SUBJECTCase Analysis Danville Airlines Step 2 Notes on Relevant Information/Underlying Assumptions Julie Taylor is the director of human resources at Danville Airlines and she would have to make a difficult recommendation to the airlines board members. She need to recommend a solution about David Reigers case. David Reiger is one of the airlines best pilots, and his genetic test shows that he has Huntington disease gene. He has not showed any symptoms yet, and he still qualifies to be a pilot. He also passes the physical exam that is given by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Taylor does not know how to solve this problem because this is the time she is facing this kind of problem and there is protocol for dealing with this style of situation within Danville Airlines or the airline industry in general. State 3 Case Problem Julie Taylor needs to make her recommendation about David Reiger to the airlines board members. David Reiger has HD gene which will leave its victims incapacitated both physically and mentally. Taylor is trying to figure the best solution so that it will not violate Reigers rights and also the future of the airline. Step 4 Objectives for Managers Involved Taylors recommendation must get approve from the boards members. Taylor needs to consider the board members thoughts on this situation, whether they want to keep Reiger in his position or not. If they decide to keep Reiger in his position, they will need to explain and ensure the safety of his future fights. If they decide not to keep him in his position, they need to convince everyone why this is a better solution. Step 5 Order of the Critical Issues Taylor needs to gather all information about HD and especially about Reiger. She can talk to a specialist specifically about Reiger, and try to find out how long he can keep up with his current condition. After that she should make her recommendation that she thinks is most acceptable in this situation and...
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