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  • Genetic Disorders

    Nicolas‚ Vida Marie C. February 24‚ 2014 IA12116 Prof. Brenda Lansang GENETIC DISORDERS 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome is a disorder caused by the deletion of a small piece of chromosome 22. The deletion occurs near the middle of the chromosome at a location designated q11.2. 22q11.2 deletion syndrome has many possible signs and symptoms that can affect almost any part of the body. The features of this syndrome vary widely‚ even among affected members

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  • Genetic Disorders

    Genetic disorders are a topic in biology that can not be avoided. The fact is that genetic disorders can happen in humans‚ plants or animal. No one and nothing is safe from a genetic disorder. A genetic disorder can appear in the first years off life‚ or can appear much later in life when least expected. A basic principal of biology states that the behavior of chromosomes during the meiosis process can account for genetic inheritance patterns. There are many reasons for genetic disorders. To start

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  • Human Genetic Disorders

    number‚ size and morphological features of each chromosome II. Types of Human Genetic disorders a. Human Chromosomal Abnormalities 1. Nondisjunction • Occurs when homologous chromosomes fail to segregate during meiosis • Produces gametes with three chromosome pairs (trisomy) or only one chromosome of a normal pair (monosomy) • Involves any chromosomes‚ including the sex chromosomes • Causes serious genetic disorders Ex: Down’s syndrome- trisomy 21 Edward’s syndrome- trisomy 18 Patau syndrome-

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  • Fetal Genetic Disorders Lead to Abortion

    Fetal Genetic Disorders Lead To Abortion When a woman first finds out that they are pregnant many factors of worry are present. One is particular is the worry of a genital defect. As women age their percentile chance of having a baby with a genital defect changes drastically. Common genetic disorders are trisomy 13‚ Patau syndrome‚ trisomy 18‚ Edward’s syndrome‚ and trisomy 21‚ Down syndrome. Although these can be treatable if a baby lives to adult age they will have a long list of medical problems

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  • Polydactyly: A Genetic Disorder

    December 1‚ 2012 Polydactyle Polydactyle is a genetic disorder that is caused by a gene on chromosome seven. Polydactyle is a condition were an individual has more than five digits per hand. Most cases are isolated and not related to any other disorder but some are related to others. The errors occur during fetal development and they are caused by on several mutations on a gene that is known as chromosome seven. Polydactlyle is Autosomal dominant meaning that an offspring can get this

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  • Genetic Disorder Essay

    Genes are codes for certain function that are found in DNA. The combination of genes is what makes each individual unique. MCADD is a genetic disorder‚ caused by a mutation or damage to the gene‚ ACADM‚ that codes for the enzyme‚ medium chain acyl CoA dehydrogenase. This results in the enzyme being absent or existing in minimal quantities. An enzyme increases the rate of a chemical reaction. Our body needs many enzymes in order to make the materials needed for our bodies to function and be healthy

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  • Genetic Disorders: Tay-Sachs Disease

    Tay-sachs Disease Genetic disorders happen every day‚ children spend everyday in the hospital. Tay-Sachs is named from Warren Tay (1843-1927) and Bernard Sachs(1858-1954).Tay-Sachs disease is a rare hereditary disease caused by a genetic transfer that leaves the body unable to produce an enzyme necessary for fat metabolism in nerve cells‚ producing central nervous system degeneration. Tay-sachs symptoms are diagnosed according to what causes Tay-sachs. The disease is inherited doctors after diagnosis

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  • sex linked genetic disorders

    Sex linked genetic disorders Fragile x syndrome Sex-linked traits are genetic characteristics determined by genes located on sex chromosomes. Genes are pieces of DNA on chromosomes that carry information that are responsible for inheriting traits. Different forms of the same gene are called alleles. One allele for a certain trait is inherited from a mother and one from a father. These traits are passed down from parent to their offspring by sexual reproduction. Fragile X syndrome (FXS) or Martin-Bell

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  • Genetic Disorders: Schizophrenia

    Genetic Disorders: Schizophrenia April 18‚2011 Background Genetic Disorders occur when there is a change or mutation in the information contained in the genes. When cells get older or they have been exposed to something harmful disorders can occur. Genetic disorders can be caused by a mutation in one gene called monogenic disorder‚ by mutations in multiple genes called multifactorial inheritance disorder‚ by a combination of gene mutations and environmental factors‚ or by damage to chromosomes

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  • Fragile X Genetic Disorder

    Cindy is an expectant mother who is eight weeks pregnant with her first child. She is having a genetic test because there is a history of learning disabilities and mental impairment in her family. Based on her family history‚ there is a possibility that she is a carrier for Fragile X‚ a genetic disorder that occurs when a person’s X chromosome(s) contains greater than 200 repeats of the CGG base pair sequence. Symptoms in infants include a delay in crawling‚ walking‚ or twisting‚ frequent hand clapping

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