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  • Case Study on the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Planning & Capacity Department and Its Importance in the Aviation Industry

    Case Study on the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Planning & Capacity Department and its importance in the Aviation Industry Module: Operations and Quality Management (MGT 6383) Year: 2012 Executive Summary The Airport Planning and Capacity is a department of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which is the National Aviation Authority of the United States. The FAA has the authority to monitor and regulate all aspects of civil aviation in the United States. The Airport

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  • Mba Aviation

    Masters Program in Business Administration (MBA) Specializations: - Aviation Management Note :- (i) Solve any 10 Questions (ii) All Question carry equal marks. Q 1 ) Explain Civil Aviation in Aviation Management ? Q 2 ) Describe Aviation Sector in India with example ? Q 3) Explain with example Aircraft Regulation and guidance.? Q 4 ) Explain Air traffic control and its importance ? Q 5 ) Explain Air Safety Standards In Aviation Industry ? Q 6 ) Explain Operational Management ‚ Infrastructure

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  • Aviation Law

    system technologies‚ these being within NASA’s area of research responsibility” (p. 16). When one hears the name NASA‚ they only think about their involvement in space exploration‚ but NASA is also doing research and development in aerodynamics and aviation technology which led to better flight control and deicing systems (Hamilton‚ 2011‚ pp. 17-18). Although NASA is responsible for these technological advances‚ they have to report all findings to the FAA to get the changes incorporated in the field

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  • Qa & Aviation Safety

    Aviation Safety and Quality Assurance Despite having an enviable safety record‚ the aviation industry is under constant pressure to drive down accident rates. Air accidents damage consumer confidence and inhibit the growth of the industry. When it comes to flying‚ the word safety is mentioned constantly. Shortage of qualified professionals‚ ageing of aircraft’s fleet and environmental concerns are some of the challenges faced by today’s aviation. The primary

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  • Fatigue In Aviation

    flying when fatigued and the organizations that employee pilots should be actively involved to mitigate pilots flying while fatigued. “The causes of fatigue can range from boredom to circadian rhythm disruption to heavy physical exertion” (Fatigue in Aviation‚ n.d‚ p.2) and for these reasons it is difficult to stop fatigue entirely from an organizational point of view but some policies could help reduce the number of occurrences and would vary depending on what operation the company is involved in. All

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  • Aviation Technicians and Ethics

    Ethical Decision Making: Aviation Maintenance Technicians Follow More Than a Code Carl Jones Social Responsibility & Ethics Management – MGMT 325 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Mrs. Linda Flowers 14 January 2013 Ethical decision making and job performance are intrinsically intertwined when speaking in terms of aviation maintenance technicians. With the rapidly expanding need for commercial aviation and events leading to the downturn in the economy‚ airlines are facing increasing

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  • aviation and economics

    Ready Reference for studying ATS There are mainly three Books from which the entire course is covered‚ specially from Examination point of view. The Books are The Air Transport System by Hirst ‚ Air Transportation-A Management perspective by Wensveen and Global Airline industry by Belobaba. The page numbersfrom the Text books covering the various units are given for your ready reference. (H for Hirst‚ W for Wensveen and B for Belobaba) Unit 1 and 2 W P 4 – 20‚ P 29 – 43‚ P 176 – 190‚

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  • The General Civil Aviation Authority

    The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) was established in 1996 by Federal Cabinet Decree (Law 4) to regulate Civil Aviation and provide designated aviation services with emphasis on safety and security and to strengthen the aviation industry within the UAE and its upper airspace. The main office is located in Abu Dhabi and the regional office is located in Dubai to serve the northern Emirates. The GCAA‚ which is the sole authority for the control and regulation of civil aviation in the UAE‚ is

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  • Army -Nextgen Aviation System

    NextGen Aviation System NextGen Aviation System As Edward Vernon Rickenbacker once said‚ “Aviation is proof that given‚ the will‚ we have the capacity to achieve the impossible” (Aviation is Proof‚ n.d.). From the beginning of aviation‚ many ideas and requirements have been made to allow pilots to fly passengers and cargo on the forever growing need for a more efficient/safe flying experience. The airway routing structure has gone from a ground-based point to point structure‚ to going into

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  • Unit 1 Aviation Research Papers

    It has always been the dream of people to fly like a bird in the sky‚ many aviation pioneer in the pass created a lot of different things to achieve the goal of flying. On December 17‚ 1903‚ the Wright brothers decided to test their “first engine powered” aircraft and the result was successful. This event was a huge change in aviation‚ the first engine powered plane was named as Flyer 1 that became the first successful powered heavier-than-air flight. During World War I‚ airplanes were widely being

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