Comparative Analysis of Maldives and Sri Lnaka

Topics: Sri Lanka, Central Intelligence Agency, India Pages: 5 (840 words) Published: May 6, 2013


Opening Date: 27 April, 2013

Due Date: 02 May, 2013

Marks: 20

TOPIC: Market Analysis & Selection through Strategic Planning

Learning Objective:

The objective of this activity is to apply the concept of market analysis and importance of market characteristics in launching business in new market.

Learning Outcomes:

After this activity students will be able to understand that how different factors affect the decision of a business to enter into new country market. Students will also learn that how & why to prefer one country market to other.

Company Profile:

Inspire Group, ranks among India’s top three private sectors business houses in terms of net worth. The group has business interests that range from telecommunications (Inspire Communications Limited) to financial services (Inspire Capital Ltd) and power generation (Inspire Infrastructure Limited). Inspire Group’s leading company, Inspire Communications, is India's largest private sector information and communications company (after Bharti Airtel. Established in 2004), with over 150 million subscribers. It has established high standard and quality in communication and information networks.

It statuses among the top 5 telecommunications companies in the world by number of customers in a single country. Inspire Communications Company covering over 24,000 towns and 600,000 villages. Inspire Communications owns and operates the next- generation IP-enabled connectivity infrastructure, comprising over 190,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable systems in India, USA, Europe, Middle East and the Asia Pacific region.


Inspire Co. is a famous company working in India for so many years. Inspire Co. has very diversified portfolio and working in different segments. Company has the dynamic work force, capable enough to adjust themselves in different capacities and able to work in any environment. Top management including CEO, Mr. Aakash Bohmani, and all directors have decided to make new office either in Sri Lanka or Maldives.

Sri Lanka has grown tremendously in telecom sector during last few years, especially after recent increases in export of yarn and textile. GDP growth rate is also high as compared to the last year which shows that it will continue to grow in coming years.

On the other hand, Maldives has more established economy, with a very consistent growth in GDP. Law and order situation in Maldives is also better than Sri Lanka. Like Sri Lanka, Inspire has joint venture in Maldives as well with Wataniya Telecom Maldives. REQUIREMENT:

On the basis of economic and demographic indicators, make a complete comparative analysis for both countries and suggest company that which country is better for entering into foreign market? (20 marks)

Marking Scheme: 08 Marks for each comparative analysis of both countries based on each factor and 04 marks for the decision supported by logical arguments.

Solution Hint:

For this activity, first you need to understand the economic and demographic indicators and then on the basis of these indicators, you will be able to make your comparative analysis and resultant decision.


Please note that, this analysis will be verified by different reliable sources. You need to be very vigilant in using statistics and also mentioning the source of information. No marks will be given to those students who will provide vague information without referencing. Following links and sources will be helpful in getting updated and reliable information:

1. "Sri Lanka. (2012) The World Factbook. Central Intelligence Agency....
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