Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business

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Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business
This paper will discuss the business chosen for the assignment. A mission statement will be developed, setting the business apart from others in the same or similar market. The vision statement will also made, discussing the direction the business wants to take in the future. Other topics such as, principles or values will be discussed. Concluding the paper will analyze the mission and vision statement, and values in guiding the business in a strategic direction. Followed by an evaluation of customers need in giving the competitive advantages. Mission Statement

Fortune Mobility Solutions is a mining corporation in hopes of becoming successful in the mining industry. The corporation mission is to mine resources for customers needing it for building material. Our goal is to find and mine the best material that will reach our customers high criteria and needs. We are based highly around our customers and the resources we mine. Fortune Mobility Solutions sees everyone in the corporation, from management, to employees, and customers as family. We keep our values as a family and take the time to get to know our customer. We want to be able to provide our customer the best material we can offer. The love of finding materials to be used and turned into something wonderful such as, buildings, tools, transportations, and more. Here at the Fortune Mobility Solutions, we mine to change the world. Vision Statement

Fortune Mobility Solutions goal is to become the number one raw material provider. There are many ways to achieve that goal, but out is to become that number one without losing sight of our mission statement. Fortune Mobility Solutions provide raw materials and continue to mine what customers need. We also provide other raw material customers may find interest in. Our wide variety of raw material will give us an edge to become the top raw material provider. We will not make it to the top overnight, but with the...
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