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CountryManager explores the modes of market entry, segmentation, and targeting, and the 4Ps in an international context. This simulation provides valuable experience for marketing students who wish to explore the launch of a product into a new country. We now have two scenarios available for two different regions, Latin America or Asia:

Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. Asia: China, India, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, and Thailand. Students will take the role of Country Manager for their company, specifically marketing their company's toothpaste brand in these countries. They will encounter international, regional and local competitors, and through research and strategy, determine the best course of action to establish a presence in these markets.

The Case
Students compete either in groups of 2-4 students or individually in this benchmark simulation. They compete with 4 computerized competitors (both regional and national competitors). The U.S. market has matured and Latin America (or Asia--depending upon which region you choose ) has been identified as having the best potential for future growth by senior management. The toothpaste brand management team must decide which of six countries is the most attractive for their Allsmile brand and then how to expand their presence throughout the region. Students also have the option to source production in one of their chosen countries. Each country has its own specific advantages and disadvantages. Through the use of country, market, and consumer research, students must determine the most suitable market to enter.

To read the full copy of the case for the simulation, request a Faculty ID here!

The objective of CountryManager is for students to experience international market entry and expansion by playing the role of a category manager for Allstar brands. CountryManager is designed to help the instructor introduce students to the experience of market...
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