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Neutral consultancy for Nile Breweries

Research proposal for the market research about Nile Special in the Dutch market.

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Introduction and research background

We are five IBMS students who are learning to conduct a proper market research during the course Introduction to Market Research (IMR). In the IMR project we focus on the macro- and microenvironment of the product. We will research the potential of our chosen product in the Dutch market. The product we have chosen is a beer from Uganda called Nile Special and it’s produced by Nile Breweries. Nile Breweries was founded in 1951 by a group of businessmen associated with the Construction of Owen Falls Dam at the Source of River Nile. Muljibhai Madhvani and Company, an Asian-Ugandan entrepreneur bought and run the company between 1957 and 1971. In 1971 the company changed management as Idi Amin expelled Asians from Uganda. In 1992 the Ugandan government returned the management of the brewery to the Madhavani Group. It currently produces 8 kinds of beer including castle lager, Club Pilsner, Nile special, Redds, Chairman’s, Grolsch, Nile Gold, Eagle larger and other smaller and less popular beers. Since 2006, a large amount of money has been spent to acquire state of the art machinery therefore helping capacity of the company’s production increase. Nile Breweries have a vision to be the leader in market share, product quality and be a highly ranked beer globally. This means they are aiming to be a dominant force in today’s market and on top of that, they have set a mission stating that they want to be a consumer’s first choice1.

In our research, we lay the focus on competition, consumer and the market. We must get to know those three factors thorough. We cannot consult our client about entering the Dutch market without any bases on market structure, direct & in-direct competitors, replacement competitors, how the market is structured and which price point suits our target group. This proposal is all about how we have planned to conduct this research for our client Nile Breweries. We will explain in full detail with what resources we will collect our data needed to get to a conclusion and how we get those resources.

Research question and objectives

In order to conduct a proper market research it is necessary to clarify what we want to gain from this research. What are our objectives and how do we plan to achieve them? More importantly, what are the questions we are looking the answer for? To be clear about what exactly we are investigating, we need to form a proper research question. With the research question, we can break it down to sub questions and sub-objectives.

Central research question.
Is it profitable to integrate our client's product (a local beer) in the Dutch market?

Central Research objective.
Deliver information to our client, on whether they should integrate their product into the Dutch market or not.

The Market environment can be divided into two groups, the microenvironment and the macro environment. Both micro- and macro environment affect a company in a certain way. The difference between these two is that within the microenvironment we recognize the actors that are working very close with a company where as in the macro environment the forces are not working close at all.

The actors in microenvironment:
The company

The suppliers
Does our client work with suppliers?
No, the company manufactures the beer itself.

Marketing intermediaries
- Distribution
- What company is responsible for the distribution of the product?
- How much do they charge per barrel?

How can we be more successful than our competitors?
First we need to know what we are up against, who is our direct competition? And how can we beat them? How can we sell...
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