Panera Bread Business Plan Outline

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One-Page description of the project
A. Rationale and marketing research
B. Introduction: type of business, brief description of major product(s)/ service(s) involved C. Self-analysis: actual personal experience and/or training in proposed field D. Analysis of the business opportunity, customer and location: geographic, demographic and economic analysis of trading area, customer and locale of proposed business E. Proposed organization: type of ownership, steps in starting to form business, planned personnel, management knowledge and skills

A. Proposed product or service: details of product(s) or service(s) to be offered; potential suppliers or manufacturing plans B. Proposed pricing policy: costs, markups, relationship to competitors. Personal promotion: non-media sales plan, staffing and merchandising appeal C. Non-personal promotion: media, basics appeal and initial promotion plan D. Place: channel of distribution from manufacturer or service provided to consumer IV. PROPOSED FINANCING PLAN

A. Projected income/cash flow statement: projected budget describing income and expenditures for the B. Projected three-year plan: describe planned growth, including financial resources and needs C. Capital and repayment plan: earnings, short-term and/or long-term borrowing, long-term equity, plan to repay borrowed funds or provide return on investment to equity funds V. BIBLIOGRAPHY

Panera Bread

My business plan outline is based on the things needed to start my own Panera Bread. In this outline, I plan to show a clear understanding of the needs of starting this company. This outline is the basis for how I plan on starting my business. As time moves along and I have more experience with my Panera once I started, I plan on changing the business plan to keep up with decisions that would be best in being the most profitable in the end. In this business plan, I am outlining the basis of starting my business. I came across every obvious category that will need to be thoroughly examined such as profit, channel management, advertisements and geographic location information. My business plan consists of a well thought out analysis of the types of products Panera Bread will serve. It also goes over how I will get the food to our café/bakery daily but still keep the freshness and everyday oasis of every other Panera Bread. In my business plan, I wish to get a clear understanding of how to start and manage my own company as a sole proprietorship, the steps needed to take to start a business by myself, and how my skills from working in previous retail positions can benefit me towards becoming an owner of Panera Bread in the Northwest region. Within this outline, I should be able to clearly identify steps taken towards owning a company and the best way in doing so with the help of other business personnel, marketing resources and Bank of America. Business Plan Outline

Description and Analysis of Business
A. Rationale and marketing research
Panera is successful because people enjoy cheap quality food that is healthy as well. Our main competitors are McDonalds because there the number one fast food chain in America and Starbucks because of their delicious varieties of coffee. Even with these everyday competitors, Panera Bread will still be successful. Within the area of downtown, around 3rd avenue, our competitors are McDonalds, Subway, & Wild Ginger etc. the closest Panera Bread is on Broadway downtown Seattle. With all the one way streets and lunch hour traffic, it might be harder for some people to get to Broadway for lunch. Those closer to Broadway have an advantage and I’m pretty sure like any other Panera Bread, the line is out the door during lunch. If there was Panera Bread conveniently located on 3rd avenue, it would make it...
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