The Report of Expansion Bank of Queensland Business in Thailand Analysis

Topics: Bank, Economics, Economic growth Pages: 10 (2902 words) Published: November 1, 2012
The Report of Expansion Bank of Queensland Business in Thailand Analysis

Song Wu 11/10/2012

Executive Summary:
This article is one business investment report due to the requirement of Bank of Queensland Ltd. As the management consultant, this paper combines the global economic situation and the prospect of the international business environment then gives the recommendations which Asian-Pacific region country the BOQ should chose as the expansion market of the business and how the expansion steps should take progression; this paper also points out the problems and solutions that may be encountered in the process of business expansion.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary:2
Methods to Collect Information and Data7
International Business Environment7
GFC and the Debt Crisis7
The rapidly growth of Asian-Pacific region8
Analysis of Industry, Product and Its Environment8
Industry-based view:8
1.Rivalry among competitors8
2.Threats of potential entry9
3.Bargaining power of buyers9
4.Bargaining power of suppliers9
5.Threats for substitutes10
Resource-based view10
1.Tangible resources& capabilities10
2.Intangible resources& capabilities11
2.1 Human resource11
2.2 Knowledge11
2.3 Reputation11
Institution-based view12
Formal institution12
Informal institution12
Analysis of target country: economy, market and demand, trade policies and laws, Culture and political environment12
Overview of Thailand12
Political Environment12
Economic Environment13
Market and Demand13
Policies and Laws14
Most appropriate entry and competitive strategy14
Conclusion and recommendations16

Local Australia banks have suffered through the year 2008 global financial crisis; and the debt crisis in 2010, in 2012, because of the economy recovery and the high speeding increasing demands of Asian-Pacific region country, lots of Australian banks starting planning on the further expansion. BOQ, now also is becoming a member of the expansion club, as a management consultant of the expansion market in foreign countries, especially in Asian-Pacific region, the recommendation that I give you now is the target market Thailand. This report is giving a comprehensive analysis of the selection, also the paper will give you a fully clear introduction to the Thailand environment, including economy, culture and the political environment and the solution to the issues which may be occurred in the further progress. The paper is the guild to the operation of the offshore bank branch in Thailand, but the risks are existing, the main propose of the report is to minimize the risks and give the investors a comprehensive cognitive of the upcoming investment. Also the paper points out some issues that the expansion process might face to, the culture difference and the prospect of the economic growth in worldwide and also the economic growth in the host and home country will be the main topics in this paper.

Methods to Collect Information and Data
The methods this paper use to collect information and data is using the indirect materials, case studies and documentation review. Because of that the direct observation, the scope of the research and also a person’s life experience are limited due to time and space constrains, therefore, the indirect data and information collect method sometimes is necessary. This method is applied by reading other people’s research and observation. Also the case study and documentation review methods are applied in this paper, since the financial...

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