International Marketing Plan for Cappy in Libya

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International Marketing Plan for Cappy Fruit Juice in Libya|

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1. Cover Page| 1|
2. Contents| 2|
3. Executive Summary| 3|
4. Introduction| 3|
5. Results| |
a. Actual Situation Analysis| 3|
1. Internal Situation| 3|
Strategic market position| 3|
Internal Qualities| 4|
Strength and weakness| 4|
Opportunities and Threats| 4|
Gaps Analysis| 5|
2. External Situation| 5|
Business mission| 5|
Potential market assessment| 5|
Business Environment| 6|
Assessment of Libya market| 8|
Assessment of local product markets | 8|
Assessment of Competitive position| 9|
b. Objectives & Activities| 10|
Market Segments| 10|
Sales and Market share| 11|
Profit Expectation| 12|
Marketing Mix| 13|
c. Resources| 15|
d. Budgets| 17|
6. References & Bibliography| 19|

Executive Summary:
For introducing a product in new market, it’s necessary to analyze this potential market’s risks (Current Internal and External situation) to get all information that lead you take right decision of right investment. Strategic analysis is the following of making a decision of introduce new product in new market. Strategic analysis include : corporate policy, potential market assessment, assessment of competitive position and determination the position of new product among other competitors’ products. After that building and sustaining the intended global position by using marketing mix decisions. Finally, the presentation summary of resources needed, sales forecast and budgets .

This report will show in details the risks and opportunities resulted in the investment of introducing Cappy fruit juice beverage (a new product of Coca-Cola Egypt) in the markets of Libya Country. We have a plant for manufacturing this product in Egypt and this product have wide popularity in the markets of Egypt. We here will try to prove the top management how Cappy could have the acceptance of government and consumer regarding the competence of other products and potential risks in the future .

Actual Situation Analysis:
a. Internal position audit:
- Strategic market position:
The Coca Cola Egypt company has many strengths in it. It s very known world wide Its branding is obvious and easily recognized. It has a lot of finance. It has good customer loyalty and it trades internationally which widens our horizon. Coca cola Egypt doesn’t have as many weaknesses, but still there are a few. Word of mouth is a weakness of coca cola. Lack of popularity of Coca cola products, most are not as known as the other popular ones that are on the market. Also health issues that surround some of our products, this is a great weakness and possibly loses coca cola customers.

-Internal qualities:
Coca Cola apply the universal standard of qualities due to reserving of brand of Coca-Cola, so any product issued under Coca-Cola mark must have the acceptance of Coca-Cola’s quality control. The company uses the best raw material and packing material to achieve best quality of natural fruit beverage. The raw materials of fruits supplied to the plant freshly and very organic from the local farm of fruits. Cappy is made of pieces of natural fruit without adding any preservatives and are packed in distinctive packaging. Package was selected to provide a very unique juice Cappy. Available juice in plastic containers the size of 300 ml with a wide aperture through which to cut the fruit to pass easily. And through the lid outstanding, the packaging can be re-opened and closed several times in a safe. -Strength and weakness :

Cappy has the popularity in Egypt and became one of the best fruits juice beverage, and the brand of Coca-Cola...

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