An International Marketing Report for Original Source

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International Marketing

An International Marketing Report for Original Source

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1.1 Introduction| |
2.1 Internationalisation| |
3.1 Foreign Market Segmentation and Targeting| |
4.1 Environmental Analysis| |
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AppendicesAppendix A: Why choose Eastern AustraliaAppendix B: Population Structure of Australia 1989 and 2009Appendix C: Percentage Profits within the UK Personal Healthcare MarketAppendix D: Brand Attitudes Towards Original SourceAppendix E: Existing Original Source ProductsAppendix F: Indigenous Natural ProductsAppendix G: Australian ClimateAppendix H: Mode Choice FrameworkAppendix I: Competition| | List of Tables

Table 1| Original Source 5 Year International Objectives| |

GDP – Gross Domestic ProductIMF – International Monetary FundOECD – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentR&D – Research and Development| ROI – Return on InvestmentTIEV - Total Inbound Economic Value UK – United Kingdom USA – United States of America|

Executive Summary
Original Source founded in 1997 now has a big market share of the UK personal healthcare market. Due to the increasing trend of cosmetic demand worldwide, Original Source should expand its brand and product portfolio internationally in order to gain higher profits and competitive advantage. Australia is one of the countries that can offer suitable market conditions, In particular Eastern Australia and the coastline target market. There are many proactive motives for Original Source to enter the foreign market incrementally using a specific concentration strategy. These are to increase their market size and in turn their profitability, increase their competiveness within the global market and also access new ideas for product ranges. Through environmental and SWOT analysis, the clear environment of Eastern Australia is represented. Original Source should use a Wholly-owned subsidiary strategy to attract the target market and penetrate the foreign market. Furthermore, the company will use appropriate 5-year international marketing objectives and suitable product and service mix decisions. 1.1 Introduction

Original Source is a company brand operating within the British owned PZ Cussons Group Ltd. Specialising in consumer goods and personal health care products. The company paid £11.3 million to acquire the Original Source brand in 2002, five years after it was created with an investment of just £45,000. (Funding Universe, 2010) The £680 Million UK Soap, Bath and Shower Product Market (Mintel, 2009) is very competitive with 37 separate companies (Mintel, 2010) including large companies such as Johnson and Johnson Ltd and Proctor and Gamble Ltd, all producing similar shower and bath products to Original Source. The company differentiated itself from the competition by using solely natural plant oils and fruit extracts. They produce these as much as possible from the local environment reducing any unnecessary carbon footprint. They also work closely with the Aromatherapy Trade Council and Vegan society. PZ Cussons trade on multiple continents including Europe, Africa and Asia however Original Source is currently only trading in the UK. Therefore it is an ideal company to explore for possible international expansion. Original Source bases their brand identity on being a funky, cool and intense experience adopting vibrant colours. Using these unique selling points in successful TV advertising and press campaigns to target customers who are open to new experiences. Their products include shower gels, shower pouches, body scrubs, shaving gels, shampoos and conditioner using a variety of unusual ingredient mixes. These include: Mint and Tea Tree, Lime, Grapefruit,...

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Appendix C: Percentage Profits within the UK Personal Healthcare Market
Total | 639 | 100 | 650 | 100 | 680 | 100 | +6.4 |
(Mintel 2010)
Appendix D: Brand Attitudes Towards Original Source (Mintel 2010)
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