Wild Cat Falling

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Daniel Defoe, Entertainment Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: July 1, 2001
English Novel Essay "" "Wild Cat Falling" Question or Hint: A Memorable Text Will Contain Charachters that both entertain an educate the reader.

In the novel "Wild Cat Falling" there are many characters that both entertain and educate the reader. There are many characters that play important roles in the story and contribute to the main characters (Duggan - Referred to as Duggan which is his last name because no first name is stated in the story) experiences that he endures in his life during the course of the novel because the novel is about his life and these characters make it interesting. The characters "Mr. Willy" and the "Noongar Kids" play roles in Duggan's childhood that affect his upbringing in the world around him and his choice of life. It is for these reasons that the characters in the novel are both entertaining and memorable ones.

"Mr. Willy" and the "Noongar Kids" are memorable characters in the novel because they affect Duggan's childhood in many ways. "Mr. Willy" is an aboriginal that occasionally takes Duggan out with him to gather firewood for Duggan's mother and himself, he acts as a father figure in Duggan's life because Duggan's own father (a white man) died when he was very young. "You can go off and play, son. Not too far though. I'll give you a holler at dinner time."(Ch.3 - Pg. 34) This example shows the role that "Mr. Willy" is trying to play. However "Mr. Willy" will not be closer to Duggan than he already is because Duggan's mother refuses to marry "Mr. Willy" in fear that she will lose the pension she had to fight for. The "Noongar Kids" are a group of young children that create mischief and don't go to school. They affect Duggan's life a lot because they are his peers and whom he tries to belong with. "Making you clean up that la-di-dah house, I s'pose." (Ch.1 - Pg. 11) This kind of mocking changes Duggan's perspective of his mother and her rules and is also what may have caused Duggan to steal from the local shop, supposedly...
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