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Indigenous Australians

For most indigenous people, health disadvantages begin at birth, and this inequity is appalling. Something must be done to close the gap by 2030. Socioeconomic factors are associated with education, employment, and income, and each, has a substantial influence on the health of Indigenous Australians. Education, which is inaccessible for many Indigenous people, allows for the greater knowledge of health issues, and the increased understanding of both protective behaviors and risk factors. It...

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To Be Australian

What it means to be Australian There are many aspects of ‘what it means to be Australian’. Each one of us could describe ourselves with multiple different identities. The variety of identities as a nation is what unites us all as a country. Mateship with an easy going attitude , the way we recognise multiculturalism, the Australian way of life and the physical aspects of Australia in general are the main identities in to which Australians are described. Australia is renowned for the image of...

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Indigenous Health

today’s Indigenous Australians is burdened with chronic and communicable disease, infant mortality and morbidity, substance misuse, poor nutrition, emotional distress, increased hospitalization, lower levels of access to health care, and are at a greater socio-economic disadvantage than other Australians. This has become a national health priority as the decline in health in Indigenous Australians has led to a more than seventeen year gap in life expectancy than other Australians. Indigenous Australians...

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Australian voice

 The Australian voice is distinct as it expresses uniquely Australian values, such as ‘mateship’ and ‘support for the underdog’. This distinct voice also expresses multicultural and indigenous values, as part of the Australian identity. It may bevoiced publically or privately through effective language features. “The Castle” directed by Rob Sitch highlights the characters’ voices as reflective of Australian attitudes and values. It is through these numerous voices that we collectively create a...

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Social Differences and Social Control in Society by Reference to Australian Society.

opportunity holds great significance in Australian society and faces many barriers that range from status, power, ethnicity and race. The existence of difference and discrimination in society, due to inadequate access to socially valued resources such as healthcare, housing, employment and the justice system, permits social differentiation and enables the formation of social classes. Social classes are a chief mechanism of organisation and social control in Australian society, allowing the distribution...

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Kangaroo, an Australian Icon

An Australian Icon An Australian Icon is defined as “an image or symbolic representation, which often holds great significance and importance to the Australian culture.” Every country has icons that represent their culture and values; Nelson Mandela is an example of a South African icon but also an icon of the world, who represented statesmanship, courage, freedom and equality against apartheid. Australia also has many significant icons such as the Sydney Opera House, Uluru, vegemite, Ned Kelly...

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Indigenous Australians and Native Hawaiians

What is Indigenous Tourism? Indigenous Tourism is about reciprocity among humans and landscapes–learning to responsibly manage the impacts of tourism activities in ways that benefit local communities economically, socially, culturally and ecologically1. Indigenous Tourism encompasses tourism product that provides consenting contact with Aboriginal people, culture or land. The term is also applied to businesses that are either Aboriginal owned or part owned or that employ Aboriginal people. Indigenous...

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Describe the human characteristics that make Australia unique. Explain how Australia's changing demographic characteristics are influencing the nature and identity of Australian society

have influenced the nature and identity of Australian society. The aspects of changing demographic characteristics affecting Australia's nature and identity include multiculturalism; the 'ageing population'; decreasing fertility rates; the changing indigenous population and the changing population density of Australia. Australia has one of the lowest population densities in the world, with population spread occurring around particular areas of the Australian coastline. Australia is one of the world's...

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Self Determination of Indigenous Australians

acknowledging of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' rights. Self determination allows Indigenous peoples to independently determine their political status and gives them the freedom to economically, socially and culturally develop as according to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (Maguire, 2009, 2). Acknowledging this fundamental right is essential for Indigenous Australians to be able to preserve their culture, dignity and independence. Therefore, political, social...

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'Closing the Gap' for Indigenous Australians

‘Closing the Gap’ for Indigenous Australians is addressed through each aspect of the 1986 Ottawa Charter as it provides a framework upon which to base numerous policies and procedures which tackle the implementation of social justice principles in relation to health promotion. Developing personal skills enables individuals to access information and become empowered to claim their rights. Education of this sort can happen informally and formally. Many Indigenous Australians are disengaged at school...

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