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Sam V.
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AP English
26 October 2012
Essay Prompt #2
The author, Seamus Deane, discusses the two greatest pieces that stood out and impacted his own writing style. He does so not by just writing down what exactly changed his mind, but rather presenting his two encounters and the following reactions.

The first piece of literature discussed was The Shan Van Vocht, a novel full of action packed adventure. It held a very big influence during the rebellion of 1798, being a main topic of the songs being sung (line 4). Deane alludes to his great admiration for the novel as a whole by recounting how he would stay up through the night reading it. With its “exquisite… blend” of adventure and a great heroine to good for the hero. The novel expanded Deane’s imagination, for he would think about how the plot line “might unravel…. Opening into endless possibilities” and thinking about he would be a much better hero than Robert, keeping the heroine company instead of leaving her.

Without any transition, Seamus Deane juxtaposed his other example of an essay written by a farm boy. Deane thought it to be too mediocre and incomparable to his own, with its lack of large word choice and extended story line. With the essay being so simple, he could recall every detail that occurred, and following the novel, the essay seemed rather mundane and nothing out of the ordinary. Being able to remember the story of the boy and mother waiting for the father to arrive home after a long day’s work, it was thought uncomplicated. Deane does not need to come right out and say how he feels, because the details and tone give a good picture of his thoughts. Which would be better than if he tried to list each emotion and explain, for it would lose some meaning if he did so.

The line of the English master “Now that’s writing. That’s just telling the Truth” had an effect on Deane. Upon hearing this, Deane was able to compare the essay to his own work, which he then thought was inadequate...
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