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Topics: Plagiarism, Academic dishonesty, Education Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: September 5, 2013
Ivan Diaz
August 3, 2013
Period: 4
AP English
Plagiarism Essay
Plagiarism is an issue for some students because it is an easy way to complete work. It is a problem that occurs all around the country and affects students’ education tremendously. Education is always at risk when plagiarizing because one is not learning anything. Students who plagiarize should deal with consequences in order to lose the habit. Plagiarism is not original work, therefore it deserves a failing mark or zero. Teacher, Christine Pelton did the correct thing by punishing the students that plagiarized. Pelton failed the twenty-eight sophomores who committed plagiarism. Christine did her job by giving the students their consequences after cheating. If teachers like her would not make plagiarism a big deal, many students would think it is an acceptable action. People who plagiarize will only be hurting themselves because they would not be earning their education. Cheating students are only putting themselves at a disadvantage because they are not learning anything or lack knowledge. Teachers provide academic assignments because they are intended to help the students. Plagiarism simply interferes with the process and withholds the student from learning a lesson. In addition, if students were not given consequences they would commit plagiarism once again and keep doing it at a college level. Students can harm their own reputation and be seen as dishonest. High school plagiarism is unacceptable, but in college students may be expelled. Plagiarism is an illegal; therefore it can also come with lawsuits. It can put students in a conflict against the law and the person whom they stole the idea from. Students who plagiarize essentially end up regretting it because at the end they did not put any thought or ideas into a piece of work. It is better for pupils to deal with the repercussions, learn their lesson and not commit it again. Furthermore, in the excerpt Pelton states, “This kind of thing...
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