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Death to high school English
In the passage Death to high school English, written by Kim Brooks, explains the thoughts of a college professor who teaches composition, and is dealing with students who do not know how to write at all. Brooks story is told in first person, simply because she experienced it firsthand. The tone of this passage seemed to be mostly frightening because Brooks was in shock at how terrible the writing was and had to put a stop to it and make a change. Another tone that was noticeably present in the text was disbelieving. Disbelieving was definitely present because Brooks was in complete disbelief, disbelief in how students at this age and experience still do not know how to properly write. “I’ve begun to wonder if this typical high school English class, dividing its curriculum between standardized tests preparation and the reading of canonical texts, might occupy a central place in the creation of a generation of college students who, simply put, cannot write” (Brooks). Brooks writes with an annoyed tone, and a very powerful vocabulary which helps her back up her point very specifically. Also, the text left me with a very pungent question, that is of course if I am a bad writer, and if so, I should definitely start now to correct myself in every way to help my future self, and my future English teacher.

A Walk in the Woods
In A Walk in the Woods, written by Bill Bryson, is the story of a man and his friend travelling the Appellation Trail. His words from the first two pages of chapter six were written with two main tones. The first tone is awe-struck. Awe-struck is an appropriate tone to use because in these two pages the author reflects upon how beautiful nature of on the trail really is and how cities are so ugly to the AT in comparison. The second tone of the passage is detached. Detached can be used to define a tone because the author recalls on how he has absolutely doesn’t have any...
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