Topics: Crime, Police, Constable Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Question 1:
In order to avoid plagiarism, and therefore side-step inadequate preparation for any academic work under-taken, it is important to understand how and when plagiarism comes into effect. There are numerous reasons why students plagiarise, whether intentionally or not and some examples of the reasons and also when it is evident in sub-standard work is described below: 1.When a student is short of time and directly uses words from a source, be it a website or a book, using this material they have copied to substantiate their own work; 2.Another example is when a student does not have the actual confidence in his/her ability when it comes to their command of the English language and then directly uses the same text from either a website of book 3.Lifting an answer directly from a website or book and passing it off as their own actual work, is another example of plagiarism. 4. Asking someone who has the professional knowledge to answer the question constitutes fraud as well as plagiarism. 5.Lifting material from a course book, only changing a few words and/alternating the sequence of sentences also constitutes plagiarism. These examples highlight how plagiarism, and in certain cases fraud, comes about and contributes to unacceptable and improper academic work that has misguidedly been passed off as the student’s own.

Question 2:
a)As specified in the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 Part V, section 61(1), a senior police officer can actually decide if someone is trespassing on land, or indeed by ‘any constable at the scene’ can also make this decision , section 61(3) refers. b)In accordance with the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 Part V, section 61(1), the number of people who need to be on the land before it might be considered trespass is two or more. c)Aside from the people being on the land, before a police officer can actually direct a person to leave the land, he has to ‘reasonably believe’...
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