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Academic Dishonesty

 Students in today’s generation are having trouble understanding plagiarism and the consequences that come along with academic dishonesty. A reoccurring disturbance is students plagiarizing admissions essays for universities. Penn State had to reject sixty-three applicants due to unethical essays this past year (Lavelle, 2013, para. 1). Other schools are battling the same issue. Plagiarism is estimated to grow even more within the nation in the years to come. However, what schools are looking...

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Academic Dishonesty: Internet Cheating

Academic Dishonesty: Internet Cheating AET/510 August 19, 2012 Dr. Gregory W. Dlabach, Ed.D Academic Dishonesty Academic dishonesty is an “intentional act of fraud” by which a student claims credit for the work of another without authorization (Pincus & Schmelkin, 2003). These intentional acts fall into these classification, plagiarism, cheating, and academic misconduct. Plagiarism is the intentional act of presenting work as though it where their own. Examples of plagiarism include;...

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College Students and Academic Dishonesty

Cheating, or academic dishonesty, may be something we have all done at one time or another, in some way, shape or form. So, what is the reason behind it? Are students being lazy or possibly scared of failing? Or, could it simply be that they desire more free time to indulge in the socially enjoyable aspects of college where hours of research and writing doesn't exactly fit into some students “schedules”. All of these are reasons are for academic dishonesty but none of them are right. Academic dishonesty...

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Academic Dishonesty: Quiz Questions

Take Test: APA Style and Academic Dishonesty Quiz Name APA Style and Academic Dishonesty Quiz Description APA Style Overview Presentation and Academic Dishonesty Quiz Instructions Select the appropriate for each question. Multiple Attempts Not allowed. This Test can only be taken once. Force Completion This Test can be saved and resumed later. Question 1 1. APA style is a set of documentation standards that provides the rules for how to cite your research sources and how to format...

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Plagiarism: Academic Dishonesty and Students

Plagiarism is happening everywhere, especially in university academic writing. Whether the student plagiarizes consciously or unconsciously, both are forms of academic dishonesty. While people after discuss whose fault it is, when a student plagiarized it becomes a controversial issue. In “The Shadow Scholar” Ed Dante argues that the cause of plagiarism is the college’s academic system. However, some people would argue that the problem should be focused on students. In my opinion, Dante’s argument...

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Academic Dishonesty: What Can Be Done At MCC?

Rob Cusse Professor Nelson English 101-002 30 September 2011 Academic Dishonesty: What Can Be Done At MCC Currently many cases of academic dishonesty are going unreported on campus. There may be several reasons that this happens, like the teachers are too lazy to check and see if the student actually did the work or if they just copied it. Another reason is that the teachers just don’t want to make trouble for the student or for themselves. And one more reason is that the teacher may not...

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Cheating: Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism

 Cheating is cheating yourself Cheating on school work is never justifiable. Students are responsible for their own work, and it is unfair to cheat in any form. Teachers grade students on their own academic ability and if a student is covertly or openly cheating that is considered infringement of being a student. Being a student requires personal interpretation, and analysis. Copying someone else’s work is disadvantageous. If cheating becomes a regular practice to someone it can be harmful...

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“Three Main Reasons Of Cheating As Academic Dishonesty”

“Three Main Reasons Of Cheating As Academic Dishonesty” When I was a senior at Miami Spring Senior High School in Miami, Florida I had a mean teacher named Mr. Paul Fielder, better known as "Happy Paul". Happy Paul Fielder taught hard courses in Chemistry and Physics. He gave low grades to his students. Many students needed high grades to get into the college of their choices. Students who were hoping to be at the top of their class, or who needed good grades to be admitted into college, avoided...

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Academic Honesty

Maintaining Academic Honesty June 27, 2013 MAINTAINING 2 Maintaining Academic Honesty Academic honesty has been of growing concern throughout educational institutions worldwide. The Internet has become a key resource in the growth of plagiarism. Academic honesty refers to the process of learning in an upright and fair manner. This manner is free from any forms of fraud and/or deceit of any form (Whitley, 2001).   Academic honesty has...

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Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity and Honor Codes in Schools In today's society, there is a trend being set by both college and high school students. The trend is moving from academic integrity to academic dishonesty. What exactly is the difference between academic integrity versus dishonesty? I believe that academic integrity is a state of pride and belief in ones own knowledge and work. It is taking what you know and applying it in a scholarly systematic way without help from any other source that would make...

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