research paper: compare and contrast :The rocking horse winner" bylawrence, and "The lottery" by jackson

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Just We Three
"The Savior is not a silent observer. He Himself knows personally and infinitely the pain we face."

Monday, November 19, 2012
Compare and Contrast
A paper from my English Literature and Composition class this summer... Abstract
In Graham Greene’s “The Destructors” and Richard Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game” Rainsford and Trevor (better known as T.) are each faced with a moral dilemma. Each character is confronted with a post-war scenario. While T. is immersed in it, living in a post-war London, and striving to fit in with his peers; Rainsford faces an opponent who survived the overthrow of the Czar and continued to pursue his favored sport despite societal acceptance. T. is from a higher social status than that of his peers and must find a way to fit in and earn their respect. Rainsford is shipwrecked on an island with a “big game” hunter and must survive the most challenging hunt of his life. The purpose of this essay is to compare the way these moral dilemmas affect each character, how they address the struggle, how they internalize their perception, and how they work toward resolution with their inner conflict.

1. Adapting to challenges (both key individuals)
a. Rainsford is successful
2. Character Analysis
a. Trevor-cultured hoodlum
b. Rainsford-cultured hunter
3. Conflict
a. Rainsford
                                                              i.      Moral dilemma                                                             ii.      In a fight for his life b. Trevor
                                                              i.      Peer pressure                                                             ii.      Societal standing 4. Plot
a. Rainsford
                                                              i.      Confronted by a fellow big game hunter                                                             ii.      Succumbs and plays the game b. Trevor

                                                              i.      Confronted by peers of a lower social status                                                             ii.      Exceeds the gangs prior pranks 5. Conclusion

a. Rainsford successfully plays the hunt while Trevor loses his moral fight.

A Comparison of
“The Destructors” and “The Most Dangerous Game”
In comparing works such as Graham Greene’s “The Destructors” and Richard Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game”, the reader sees a character that is faced with an extreme dilemma, for their age and developmental level. T. in “The Destructors,” is a  youth who is thrown into a lower social bracket than he was accustomed to before the war, and must find a way to fit in or risk being ridiculed and entirely rejected by a jury of his peers. Contrarily, Rainsford from “The Most Dangerous Game” finds himself marooned on an island inhabited by a fellow hunting enthusiast who has just stepped up his level and will test all of Rainsford’s survival skills.

Adapting to challenges (both key individuals)
In “The Destructors” an impression is given that T. is on the cusp of losing any credibility he may have had after his first meeting and joining with the gang. He is presented as a youth who is confident, but not confrontational, as we see from Green’s description “When he said “Trevor” it was a statement of fact” (para 2). On the other hand, the rest of the gang is described to give the name (which is of a higher social rung, and therefore worthy of ridicule) with a “statement of shame or defiance”. In his fight to maintain balance of who he is and what his background has made him, and what he has to become to avoid being shunned and sent away home, T devises a plan which he otherwise would likely not have pursued. Rainsford, from “The Most Dangerous Game” is portrayed as a confident man, curious, as he questions about things unknown, such as the island lore, and with a zest for life and hunting. Connell paints him as...
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