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ENTERTAINMENT is an action, event or activity that aims to amuse and interest an audience of one or more people. It is the audience that turns a private recreation orleisure activity into entertainment. The audience may have a passive role, as in the case of persons watching a play, opera, television show or film; or the audience role may be active, as in the case of games. Entertainment can be public or private, involving formal, scripted performance, as in the case of theatre or concerts;...

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Modern Entertainment

Entertainment is something that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight. It can be an idea or a task, but is more likely to be one of the activities or events that have developed over thousands of years specifically for the purpose of keeping an audience's attention.[1] Although people's attention is held by different things, because individuals have different preferences in entertainment, most forms are recognisable and familiar. Storytelling, music, drama...

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Entertainment Project

Plan Type: Block Method Title: To have various types of entertainments in Fiji, examine the advantages and disadvantages of these on the people in Fiji. Introduction Context: Entertainment may provide fun, enjoyable and laughter but in the other hand it has its drawbacks. Subject: Fiji is indeed one of the best entertainment options with its wide variety of activities that will benefit the country socially and economically. Limited Subject: Disadvantages of this may lead to steer people...

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Entertainment Industry

1. ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY • 2. INTRODUCTION The story of single-screen theatre has reached its sad end in India. Multi-screen theaters have opened new vistas for the entertainment industry. After the entry of corporate titans like Reliance, the scenario of entertainment services has become more professional than ever. These theaters have changed the entire movie-going experience. • 3. Multiplexes currently constitute 4-5 % of the 12,900 screens in India, the industry has a long way to go. This...

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Media and Entertainment

ndia’s Media and Entertainment: Introduction The Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. The industry primarily involves the creation, aggregation and distribution of content, products and services, news and information, advertising and entertainment through various channels and platforms such as Television, Print, Radio, and Films. Poised to grow at a compounded rate of 14 per cent to touch US$ 28 billion by 2015, the sector registered a growth...

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Television and Entertainment

Entertainment Essay Entertainment has provided society with an escape from reality, which at times may be very stressful and chaotic. The relaxation that entertainment provides is necessary for the overall well being of people. Peace and accord can be found through relaxation, and for many people this is achieved through entertainment. Some entertainment may be damaging to society because it is degrading, and lacks cultural enrichment. As a result, I qualify the assertion that entertainment...

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Entertainment Essay

Entertainment Essay Entertainment is a powerful tool that can be both detrimental and beneficial to society; it can corrupt the human mind as well as the body, but under the correct circumstances it can bring out the best in individuals, allowing society to flourish. The fact of the matter however, is that the impact which any medium of entertainment – whether it be a radio broadcast dealing with politics or a video game about rainbow unicorns – has on a person is up to interpretation, I can go...

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Entertainment and Education

Both entertainment and education have been integrals parts of the human experience since the beginnings of time. Many scholars insist that the two institutions often serve jointly, with entertainers and entertainment serving as a main source of education. There is little argument, then, that in addition to generally appealing to the masses, entertainers have regularly fulfilled the role of a teacher to typically unsuspecting audiences. Entertainers have served as educators throughout history, from...

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Visual Entertainment Media

From its inception, visual entertainment media has not only shaped American culture, but also its values. While both TV and movies aired only what was socially moral and politically correct in their beginnings, they soon began to air what would garner the most ratings and money. We are a society that has made movie stars what they are today, yet we also criticize their every move. Visual entertainment media has come a long way from the censorship and monopolies of the 20th Century. While American...

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Public Speaking and Entertainment Speeches

Name: Email: nav-left Home Blog Browse Products Free Public Speaking Resources Workshops Improsolutions Shop cat-right Public Speaking Tips: What Is an Entertainment Speech? Posted by admin on Jul 29, 2013 in Articles | 0 comments "entertainment speech"Entertainment speeches are suitable for special events and ceremonies. Their goal is to entertain the audience while delivering a message. Unlike informative or persuasive speeches, they don’t require listeners...

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Swot Analysis - Media and Entertainment Industry

Media and Entertainment Industry – SWOT Analysis By: Aditya Nawandar Roll No. 03 |STRENGTHS: | |1. Media And Entertainment is one of the most booming sectors in India due to its vast customer reach. The various segments of | |the Media And Entertainment industry like television and film industry have a large customer base. | |2. The growing...

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The use of computer technology in entertainment

in Entertainment. “The improvements in computer technology over the past decade have made video and audio streaming commonplace, making the computer a sophisticated and powerful entertainment medium” (Haupert, 2012, p.39). The use of computer technology is not limited to business, health, education and manufacturing industries but also widely used in entertainment and arts world. There are so many applications as there are entertainers and artists. People look forward to the entertainment for...

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Computer Role in Entertainment & the Arts - Essay

Computer Role in Entertainment & the Arts How will my leisure activities be affected by information technology? Information technology is being used for all kinds of entertainment, ranging from video games to telegambling. It is also being used in the arts, from painting to photography. Let's consider just two examples, music and film. Computers, the internet, and the World Wide Web are standing the system of music recording and distribution on its head and in the process are changing the...

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Entertainment and People

Entertainment Today and in the Past and how it has changed People The online Oxford Dictionaries provides the following definition of entertainment: “…as an act of providing or being provided with pleasure or enjoyment while holding attention and interest of an audience. It may take on a number of forms such as attending an organized event or a performance, or any other activity that has been designed to amuse and provide pleasure. Entertainment also covers the action of receiving guests and providing...

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PESREL analysis of entertainment and media industry

Introduction The Entertainment and Media industry is a constantly evolving group, with prospects in certain subsectors being much better than in others. Revenue trends in certain core segments, including broadcast television and radio, tend to vary with consumers' and advertisers' preferences towards new forms of media. Several conglomerates control a large proportion of the industry, somewhat limiting competitive pressure. Political 1. Entertainment industry have a large public influence...

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Entertainment Is Something Which Distracts Our Daily Life Routine

Running head: ENTERTAINMENT IS SOMETHING WHICH DISTRACTS US FROM OUR DAILY LIFE ROUTINE ENTERTAINMENT IS SOMETHING WHICH DISTRACTS US FROM OUR DAILY LIFE ROUTINE Name: College: Date: Running head: ENTERTAINMENT IS SOMETHING WHICH DISTRACTS US FROM OUR DAILY LIFE ROUTINE What is entertainment? There are many definitions of entertainment but I look at it as something which diverts or may distract us from our daily life routine. It helps us relax for periods of time thus forget our worries...

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Today vs 1900s

Nathan Rodrigues Professor - - - - - - English 101/B52 October 19, 2011 Today Versus 1900s Entertainment There is a big difference in todays entertainment compared to the early 1900s, and I would prefer todays entertainment. There is huge difference between nowadays movies and the early 1900s. Today’s games are a lot more advanced due to technology. TV and radio swapped popularity between the years. The world has changed a lot between the years. There is a huge difference...

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the similarities and/or differences between a reading written works and watching TV.

with information, news as well as knowledge, but each kind has some distinct features. The similarities as well as the differences between reading books and watching TV vary, but they can be divided into three main aspects: the activity factor, entertainment and social interaction. The first critical aspect differentiating reading written works and watching television is the activity factor. The activeness of mental activity between reading and watching TV is significantly different. While reading...

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Pbl Task 1

services for media and entertainment practice. Thought-leadership papers are designed to disseminate innovative ideas amongst the profession. The paper begins by stating that nothing defines today’s entertainment and media industries so much as their rapidly changing business environment and technology. A major challenge from 2005 on is that consumer attention will become a scarce resource in an increasingly saturated media and entertainment environment. ...

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Television Ans Social Influence

to television for entertainment and news, they will continue to be influenced by what they see and hear. The Internet is a new way that people access information and entertainment as well though. So as the World Wide Web continues to grow and as people continue to use it, television may be used less often over time. However, movie and series producers will continue to produce what they feel is entertaining, new, and edgy as this industry is huge. With this kind of entertainment that includes twists...

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UU114 draft lautoka 1

and Disadvantages of Types of Entertainments On The People in Fiji. C: Entertainment. L: Advantages/ Disadvantages/Types of Entertainments in Fiji D: Discuss. Introduction Context: Changes of entertainment taking place Subject: Types of entertainment are entertainments which are entertain in different ways and people in Fiji mainly practices to entertain well enough be well entertained revise the sentence ... check grammar. Li Limmited subject:-- Types of Entertainment have both a positive and negative...

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Case Study of Imax Corporation

* Theatre owners:-IMAX leased its equipment to theaters so that they could be able to show IMAX movies. Leasing * Public:-a large portion of IMAX revenue was from systems sales. It developed its systems and sold to the public for their entertainment. * Entrepreneurs:-IMAX also targeted entrepreneurs who wanted to earn a living in the movie industry. It did this through leasing of its theaters. The lease for 10-20 years and were renewable based on the customers preference. The movie industry...

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Company Profiles

VP GROUP TMA – Productions and Talent Services PROFILE : The demand for new, fit and exiting Talents, Models and Artists by the different television networks, film production companies, advertising agencies and the entertainment industry as a whole is increasing each day. This led to the idea of forming a group that would precisely serve this requirement. The V P GROUP TMA (VP GROUP) was formed in the early part of 2012. It is a group composed of Talents for television and film; Models for print...

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Sample Informational Report

Entertainment Management MEMORANDUM Date: May 4, 2014 To: Katharine Sentz From: Group 1 Subject: Entertainment Manager Occupation How to Become One? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement to achieve most positions in promotions, advertising, and management within the field of entertainment. The BLS also recommends courses that focus on business law, management, economics, finance, or accounting to be the most relevant courses...

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Electronic Fad Speech Outline

Electronic Entertainment Explosion I. Intro A. News, Movies, Music, Video Games, Sports, Gambling, Books, Television. What do these things have in common? They are all forms of entertainment and each of them has a digital empire. B. Being human, I spend most of my free time looking for ways to entertain myself. I have learned to appreciate some forms more than others, and I like to believe I can see details some people may miss. Though, I did do a significant amount of searching for...

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Novels vs Movies Outline

Introduction: Entertainment methods have varied over time. Each day a new method is added to the list. People used to tell short stories to each other for amusement. Now they demand much more complicated ways to fill their spare time. Some occupy their free time with outdoors activities like hiking, horseback riding or even rock climbing. Others prefer more the easy relaxing style of living that does not involve much movement yet can still be entertaining. Two of the very famous forms of entertainment nowadays...

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The Relevance of Mass Communication

satellite communication which has resulted in inventions such as the Television, Radio, Internet and Telecommunication technologies. Mass Communication is relevant for entertainment. YouTube, Twitter, My-space, Facebook, Music Videos, Entertainment programmers are all examples of Mass Communication being used as a form of entertainment. Human beings like being entertained and as such we welcome anything that will give us a sense of escapism and relaxation from the cares of the world which might even...

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Interpretation of Mark Edmundson's Essay

It seems that in this day and age the college curriculum does not only put emphasis on the giving and receiving of facts and information, but is inevitably being pushed in the direction of student entertainment. Subjects such as literature, philosophy, and history are not as popular as they once were, and are in danger of becoming extinct in the academic world. Mark Edmundson's essay, "The Uses of a Liberal Education", provides many interesting and valid points on why the liberal arts field is...

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The Digital Revolution

Digital Revolution 1 You should spend about 20 minutes on questions 1-8 which are based on the Passage below. Wheel of Fortune: Emma Duncan discusses the potential effects on the entertainment industry of the digital revolution A Since moving pictures were invented a century ago, a new way of distributing entertainment to consumers has emerged about once every generation. Each such innovation has changed the industry irreversibly; each has been accompanied by a period of fear mixed with exhilaration...

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Influence of Visual Media

Media and American Culture/HUM/176 6/4/2012 Instructor: Patricia Singh For over a hundred years, some form of visual entertainment media has deeply impacted our society’s culture and values. Movies, for example, are sometimes designed to evoke a particular feeling or make us evaluate our personal and social values (Media and Culture Ch. 6). Movies like Bowling for Columbine...

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The Role of Media in Our Lives

PLANNING Topic : The Role of Media in Our Lives INTRODUCTION Thesis Statement : There are some roles of media such as, as information provider, as an entertainment, as a tool for communication, and help to doing business. BODY 1st Supporting Paragraph Topic Sentence : Media was became one of the biggest warehouses of information in the world. 2nd Supporting Paragraph Topic Sentence : All of types of media have a function to entertain people. 3rd Supporting...

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DOTA Addiction

will be hard for the parents and to them to end what has been started. Computer games are slowly arousing and it is one of the things that bring the negative effect. Many people are playing and having so much fun with this that can be a form of entertainment. One of those addicting games is Defense of the Ancients (commonly known as DOTA) is a real-time online or LAN strategy computer game composing of two to ten or twelve players where you can choose from over ninety unique characters you can play...

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Media and Its Affects

3/19/12 Entertainment and Social Media and their effects A nation like America is an example, of a country that has developed in terms of entertainment (Pearson 2). It is one of the countries that has got and has produced some of the greatest entertainers. The country is one of the leading producers of entertainment in the planet. In addition, it is one of the nations that there is a greater influence of entertainment on the younger generation. The effects of entertainment on the younger...

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often associated with factory work, but the entertainment industry is a market that is in desperate need for a unionized system. The need to establish fair wages, working conditions, and decent hours is something the entertainment industry has lacked in the past. Over the years unions have negotiated between union members and the industry to create fairer working conditions, and better pay. But the change has been slow and gradual. The entertainment industry encompasses a major part of the economic...

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Gene Autry

was truly born to be a standout entertainer. Autry excelled in multiple forms of entertainment such as radio, music, television, motion pictures and live theater. Before Autry, Country-Western music was a genre that was mainly listened to in rural areas in the Southern United States. Autry is known as the sole pioneer of the "Singing Cowboy" genre of entertainer. With all of Autry’s accomplishments in the entertainment industry came a nationwide love for Country-Western music. Autry is the only entertainer...

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Market Segmentation and Product Positioning

Sergil Houston MKT 500 Week 3 Assignment Professor Hiatt October 21,2010 Executive Summary Food’n’Fun is a new, innovative experience for dining and entertainment for people of all ages. People from each age group will have no problems engaging in the various forms of entertainment provided. Billiards, video games, and darts will be offered. Also, fun-houses, ride-on games, and slides will be available for the younger ages. For “kids” of all ages I will include Wii games. Karaoke...

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basant festival

Mela entertainment is widely recognized as a wholesome, complete events solution factory. It’s a team of young, creative, enthusiastic and dynamic professionals with a sparkling stream of ideas having vast experience in the field of Events & Entertainments. Our goal is to give each & every event a different Meaning, Identity and a Vision with true professionalism to chart the roads of informative & entertaining events. Mela entertainment is here to simplify & make things easier to provide excellent services to...

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Effects of Mass Media Worksheet

stores now | | |offer free wifi internet for people to use while at their business. The internet aslo | | |offers people a way to get the same information and entertainment from tv and radio in one| | |place. |...

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Tv Viewing- Good or Bad?

People young or old, men or women, love to watch television for long hours. Every medium of entertainment has an impact on the health of the society and television is no exception to this. There are some common allegations against television. Some of them are: we have stopped taking the world around us seriously because of television, it delivers mindless entertainment, which sensationalize some absurd issues and we amuse ourselves with them and most of the programs that are aired on TV lack quality...

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Amusing Ourselves To Death

become purely entertainment. The television culture has impacted three large areas of society: news, politics, and religion. Although Postman recognizes the effects of media on today’s culture, he acknowledges that entertainment is not a bad thing. Postman instead states that the way in which we choose to live in entertainment is what makes it a danger to society. The television industry has shaped news into pure entertainment. It is impossible to avoid aspects of entertainment when watching the...

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Media Personality Report: Tyler Perry

that he has made pivotal strides in the entertainment industry. He is the true definition of one who exudes perseverance. Perry has turned his past hurts and struggles into an ever-growing empire, with a strong fan base that follows suit. Perry’s work is mostly known for its drama/comedy mix. He knows how to create the perfect blend of making his audience laugh, however not failing to get the moral of the story across. Perry first hit the entertainment scene in 1992, with the production of his...

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Vietnam Folk Games

Vietnam folk games Vietnam folk games have been formed and existed for a long time. They are more than entertainment, they contain Vietnamese culture. Bamboo jacks, the game of the dragon and snake, blind man’s buff, the game of squares and so on are very interesting and useful. However, folk games are being gradually lost. Children are at a disadvantage, if they don’t have a chance to play them. So it is very important to introduce and develop folk games to the children and everybody as...

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Who's fault is it really?

Mary Ann Watson. In her article “Ethics in Entertainment Television”, Watson argues the affects of graphic and violent television programming on our culture. She makes the claim that people who work in entertainment have a responsibility to make entertainment not only enjoyable but ethical as well. Watson argues that the idea “If you don’t like what’s on TV, just turn it off” is a “tiresome and arrogant piece of advice” set in place by popular entertainment (Watson). With television being such a major...

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The Impact of Violent Media on Children

children’s exposure to violent acts. Unfortunately, violence is the preeminent form of entertainment. Current research shows that violent media is related to aggressive behavior. Some of these risky behaviors include cruelty to others and lack of self-reproach to one’s mistakes. On the other hand, the media such as films, video games and televisions argue that violent children are attracted to these kinds of uptight entertainment. These people believe that a child, in order to exhibit actions they have seen...

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what it used to be, that it is not art dumbfounded me. How do we take back what we thought was the purpose of media? I realized after reading more of the passage the authors’ problem came with the idea that media served a purpose greater than entertainment or informational purposes. If I were them I would ask; Do you ever think about how great life must have been back in the day? Watched a movie or a spanish soap opera where you are taken to a time where people had to talk face to face and travel...

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Pop Cultures: Disturbing Effects

of the moving picture machine, the entertainment industry has even more greatly spread popular culture. With popular culture so widely spread, it has undoubtedly had a great effect on our society. Unfortunately, there have been some negative effects of pop culture's influence on today's society. Popular culture, and more directly, the entertainment industry have had devastating effects on our society today. Three specific forms of pop culture and entertainment that have had a negative effect on society...

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Tourism Overview

the importance of gaming entertainment industry.Describe and explain the history of the gaming entertainment business.Critique and show the controversial elements of the gaming entertainment industry. | XI. The Gaming Entertainment industry | * Sample of different gaming entertainment industry in the Philippines. | * Group discussion focus based on gaming entertainment industry. * Internet research and library research for pertinent documents gaming entertainment industry in the Philippines...

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Social Behaviors and Attitudes

Week 6 Assignment Davida Phillips Instructor: Craig Bingley Question #1: In what ways have various forms of visual entertainment media shaped American culture and its values? Generally speaking, visual media has shaped American culture and its values in many ways due to the fact an average American spends most of their free time watching television. In the aspect when television first came out they avoided controversial issues because it was considered taboo to speak about them. Therefore...

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education, entertainment, health care, traveling and many more are dependent on media in a way or another. Most of the decisions we take and values and principles we follow are completely based on our knowledge of the fact that is dependent on our past experiences and some assumptions we make. In our routine life, we believe in media for current facts and news so as to what should be given importance and taken care of. We, in a way or other, trust the media with its news on entertainment, education...

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Study of Tourism Hospitality and Event

population mobility that people move from one place to another. Second, travel has one or more motivations. Third, tourism activities require certain infrastructure, marketing system, entertainments and support services for entertainment. Furthermore, tourism is not just consumption pattern of personal leisure or entertainment, but an entire system consisting of source places of tourists, channels and destinations. Finally, tourism is not merely an economic system, it is more of a cultural and social systems...

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Unit 3 Text questions Slayer

1. How has technology fragmented the audience for sports and entertainment commodities? a. Technology has changed how people can view and talk about sports. The only way you could watch a game in the past was if you were there or read about it in the newspaper the next day. Now days you can watch it on tv, online, and on your phone. 2. Discuss how a fragmented audience is both a challenge and an opportunity for sports and entertainment marketers? a. Fragmented audience is a challenge for marketers...

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Mass Media

functions of mass media; they are providing news/information, entertainment and education. The first and foremost function of the media in a society is to provide news and information to the masses, that is why the present era is some time termed as the information age as well. People need news/information for various reasons, on one hand it can be used to socialize and on the other to make decisions and formulate opinions. Entertainment would be the other function of the mass media where it is mostly...

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The Role and Influence of Mass Media

to reach a large public audience (the mass of the population). Mass media includes newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and more recently, the Internet (Kristin& Susan, 2002). Mass media is an efficient supporter in education, policy, entertainment, finance, and all other fields. One function of mass media is education. Mass media supplies an enormous source of documentaries on a wide range of topics such as animals, behavior, geography, history, or art (Kristin& Susan, 2002). The information...

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The Problems of Censorship

content and parental guidance are looked at in regards to censorship. Recent events and articles that suggest there are short comings in the entertainment industry as well as in the parents. This paper concludes that a consensus between the entertainment industry and parents is nearly impossible but goes on to show the next best alternative. In today’s entertainment driven world, the lack of censorship is a major problem. Because neither parents nor the media can come to an agreement, children have...

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Ramoji Film City: India's First Integrated Film Studio Complex

at over 2,000 acres (8.1 km2) of land, as well as theme park situated near Hayathnagar in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. The RFC, as it is abbreviated, has exquisite and lavish gardens, spell binding movie sets, spectacular attractions, enchanting entertainment shows, food, shopping, unmatched hospitality, and of course the glitz and glamour of the silver screen. It is the ultimate holiday destination for the entire family. The beautiful settings here attract many film makers both from Bollywood and...

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Television's Positive Effects on Society

but I do not feel that the totality of the influence is negative. Television today has a lot of positive effects and influences on our society and our American culture. Television gives us helpful information, various forms of education, and entertainment which are all a part of the positive effects that television has on our society. On a day to day basis, the television keeps us informed with plenty of helpful information. We are informed through the television of the latest news, weather, and...

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Mass Media Society

evaluations of the impacts of mass media. Violence is used for entertainment, and sexist notions have been exploited for comedy or have represented societal norms. Mass media still has quite an impact on all of society (including myself), but some levels are now ignoring reading, watching, or listening to the news because they are no longer concerned with or interested in what mass media exhibits in its news productions and its entertainment programs. Mass media exhibits our failures and unhappiness...

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Mass Media in India

Have you ever had an original thought? Why do we dress the way we do, watch what we watch or even live the way we do. Through our means of entertainment, we are guided in how one should live their life. With the technology we have in our world we are persuaded to believe what is right and what is wrong The dictionary tells us that mass media is: "those means of communication that reach and influence large numbers of people." Mass media are methods of communicating to a vast amount...

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The Evolution of Mass Media

advertising Television came to dominate the media industry in 1950s. It seemed to give the best of both media: pictures and sound. With the advent of television, print media and radio were forced to rethink their approaches towards news and entertainment. In 1962, with the communications satellite Telstar-I in space, followed by other satellites, news reports from around the world could be transmitted directly, giving television unprecedented power to communicate major world events in real-time...

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Watching Movies Is a Wasting of Time

Watching movies is a wasting of time.      Movies or motion pictures have been around ever since man first discovered and invented cameras, and, in fact, even before that, through animate cartoons. It is a form of entertainment that is extremely popular in the world at large, thanks to dedicated filmmakers, modern advanced CGI (Computer-Generated Image) and increase in well-trained actors. However, in my opinion, watching movies is a huge waste of time for several important reasons.    First...

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