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There has been great debate about the abilities of ordinary citizens in affecting change in society. Whereas professional journalists used to dominate mainstream media, ordinary citizens have gradually participated in journalism and provided different perspectives to popular causes. In effort to not only add their cents but also stir public discourse, ordinary citizens often utilize social media, which has gradually become an integral part of society. As part of the “Doubt” camp, authors such...

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engaged in presenting factual events, opinions, features, and other topics which suites the taste of the public. These are usually written, visual, or audio materials intended for dissemination through public media. This is what we commonly call as, Journalism. A widespread issue with regards to this field has been concerning a huge number of people. Many had been questioning the totality of a show, an article, a film, or the like, whether it is accurate and precise or whether it is edited. Others are...

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giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community” -Oscar Wilde “The whole notion of journalism being an institution whose fundamental purpose is to educate and inform and even, one might say, elevate, has altered under commercial pressure, perhaps, into a different kind of purpose, which is to divert and distract and entertain” -Tom Stoppard “The print magazine and print journalism industry is obviously in a great deal of...

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Objective Journalism vs. Partisan Journalism

Ben Thompson Rachel Miller DIS 611, W 9 a.m. Objective Journalism vs. Partisan Journalism Objective journalism in the United States should be reconsidered to accommodate the demands of varied audiences and increased media outlets. With the media growing in magnitude and influence, many people are looking for fresh, like-minded news sources. Declines in newspaper readership and television news viewing among many Americans suggests that objectively reported news is a failing philosophy...

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Change in Journalism

Journalism, industrial relations, technology and the workplace: Analyzing change Introduction At present, new technologies are always regarded as the key driving force behind the change of both organization and practices of news production. But is it true that all changes are technologically determined? As far as I am concerned, technology is actually reshaped in correspondence with the already existing values, inclusive of cultural, social and economic. Thus, journalistic changes are supposed to...

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Digital Journalism

Digital Journalism Final Exam Study Guide I) DIGITAL MEDIA • TRIAL Framework: • Technologies : tools and associated processes that are used to create meaning in media text • ex) camera, computer, microphone, internet, software • Representations : constructions of people, place, events, ideas, and emotions that are applied to create meaning in media texts • ex) people’s stereotypes of different types of people, how media represents people, places,and every other things Institutions : the organizations...

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Why Is Journalism Important?

Why is journalism important? With the reference to the literature, critically assess the role of journalism in a democratic society. The responsibility of the awkward question has to be asked by someone and the journalist is the one who craves this duty. They are the ones who grab the challenge with both hands and seek for the truth. This is the essence of journalism and why it matters so much to free society. It's offerings of informative answers in plain English make it accessible to all. In...

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Dangers of Journalism

Hazards and danger are common in careers such as construction, firefighting and law enforcement. However, if the question "Name the most dangerous careers" was asked on Family Feud, Journalism most likely would not be found on the survey list. When contemplating a career as a journalist, one probably does not initially consider the risks that they may encounter. "As recently as last week the media has been filled with coverage regarding the injuries sustained by news anchor Bob Woodruff and...

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mobile news and the future of journalism

Question 1. Explain the influences of the emergence of mobile news on the future of journalism. How substantial do you consider these influences to be? Mobile News and The future of Journalism Digital, mobile and visual technologies have provided us with new ways for society to find and share news and information, making them a key part of economic, social and cultural life. Today, People all over the world...

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Freedom of Speech and Expression in Journalism

Freedom of Speech and Expression and Journalism Problems faced in the industry, and the solutions and guidelines to the problem. A report done by Ooi K.L Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman *Note: This is an undergraduate individual assignment report. It might not be the best report, yet it is still referable for other undergraduates who are doing the same subject area. ** This assignment was done for the subject UAMG 3063 - Communication Law in the third year of Degree in Public Relations under the...

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