Tragic Fall Classic

Topics: World Series, Chicago White Sox, 1919 World Series Pages: 3 (1246 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Tragic Fall Classic

Winning a World Series is the most coveted prize for any team in major league baseball. The “Fall Classic” of 1919 represented the power of greed. This series displayed a form of greed that may never be reached again in any professional sport. Most athletes possess the admirable greed of winning and succeeding. In 1919, six players of the Chicago White Sox showed a form of greed that rarely occurs in such a respectable game. What most professional baseball players never get to experience was traded for cash incentives. Through all the persuasion and temptation for something of monetary value that some would consider worth more than a world championship, two men exhibited that true love for the game of baseball and loyalty to one’s team can help overcome such temptations. This series not only represented the utter greed of 6 players, but the loyalty, strength, pride, and respect for the game of baseball that can counteract such a heinous form of greed.

After winning their respected leagues, the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago White Sox faced off in the most popular sporting event in America at the time (Cook 3). Baseball during the 1910s was very popular. This was because the Untied States was at war from 1914 to 1919. Americans turned to the great sport of baseball to escape the harsh reality of what was going on overseas (Asinof 12). In large cities like Cincinnati and Chicago, the need to find an outlet for entertainment was easily obtained by spending the afternoon in the ballpark (Asinof 13). Both teams were supported by two of the most loyal fans in the country. Both Chicago and Cincinnati had tremendous fans. Baseball was the pride and joy for these cities in 1919. The loyalty went far beyond city limits. Fans throughout the teams respected states showed support (Cook 14). Each fan base wanted to have their baseball team represent their city in the highest fasion. Winning the World Series not only boosted the morale of an entire...
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