Weakness in English

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I CONGRATULATE the Health Ministry for coming out with a programme to tackle stress in schools ("Plan to tackle stress, depression in schools -- NST, Jan 19). There are many reasons for students getting stressed. The main reason is their inability to follow lessons in English. They suffer in silence. In the process, they lose their self-esteem.

A majority of students are weak in English. Most of them can hardly write a 100-word comprehension or read simple materials.

If we care to do a random survey, we will find that the majority of Penilaian Menengah Rendah students don't understand the required text, Phantom of the Opera. They just memorise it for the sake of exams. They don't read it for enjoyment as students of my generation did in the 1960s. The stress faced by students is not so much because they come from poor families, live in slums or in one-bedroom flats, don't have enough pocket money or are victims of bullying. It is their inability to understand lessons taught in English.

Not only do the students feel stressed, they also become a reason for the teachers becoming stressed.

I hope the ministry, in addressing the issue of mental health among students, is able to see the wood for the trees so that the objective of "promoting better mental health and combating mental sickness among students" is achieved.

Read more: Student stress: Weakness in English a reason http://www.nst.com.my/nst/articles/18stress/Article/#ixzz1K1XoPTtg

Causes Of Student Weakness In English
Causes of Student Weakness in English

A foreign language can be quiet difficult to master especially for learners who are living in their mother country. However, students are expected to have a certain knowledge in English language so as to be able to continue their studies and communicate easily in their personal and professional life. Unfortunately, most of today’s students don’t seem to reach the level required due to some reasons that I intend to discuss in this paper. ...
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