Causes of Stress in Community College Students

Topics: College, Higher education, Community college Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: November 25, 2009
Causes of Stress in Community College Students

In our society, various factors can attribute to the cause of stress which can affect or destabilize the functioning of an individual. However, many from various sects of life go through stress once, twice or more in their lifetime. Colleges provide for new students the idea of unlimited freedom which inspires the student and make such individuals zealous and very motivated, but little is said about the demand and responsibility that is expected from the student. Herein lays the stress. Firstly, in community colleges, bulk of the study and understanding of educational materials are left for the students to realize by him/her self. And most students in community colleges tend to joggle one or more duties in their life with school, most of who might be working to either pay for tuition or take care of self. As a result, creating little or no time for study or abundant understanding of a given subject, and this can cause a lot of stress for the student, who in turn would have to worry about passing the class and having to pay the tuition whichever way the class ends. Secondly, another factor that can be responsible for stress is relationship and peer pressure which are rarely talked about. Since most students are responsible for themselves, some tend to drift away or mix with the wrong crowd which later becomes a source of problem along the line as most face the pressure of having to experiment with things such as drugs, sexual activities and the likes which might not have originally been a pattern of life for such individuals, therefore, having to contend with this pressure can be very stressful and painstaking. Furthermore, another factor that can be added to the cause of stress in community college students can be the freedom of having to select classes and course schedules at one’s desired discretion. In comparison with four-year College/Universities where class schedules are already set, one can hardly...
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