the stress in college student

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Tin Nguyen
The Stress in College Students
Having stress in life cannot be avoided. It is common to be stressed out if you are a college student. Why is college stressful? College has become much harder and more expensive for students. Also they have to face with so many things of their piece of life, therefore they are stressed out. For example, work beside school, choosing a right major for your future, and doing well on tests and projects is enough to make anybody feel overwhelmed. The first cause for college students to be stressed out is that a lot of people tend to be independent and move away from their support system. Since students start going to college and have to work beside school because of independence, their daily routine, including their time management, and their sleeping and eating habits, are changed. First, College students would be busier and have more homework than high school students, therefore their daily routine would be changed. They would have less time spending with their family, or hanging around with their friends. Second, for someone who works beside school to make some money for paying bills, they usually do not have enough time to do their homework. According to professors in college, students cannot work more than twenty hours per a week if they want to get high grades. It is hard to balance the time between school and personal life. How would students feel if the due date of an assignment is coming up, but they do not have a chance to do it? Obviously, they become worried and stressed about it. Another common reason is that students work too hard and they do not sleep enough. No matter what, a lack of sleep will make them feel tired and they are not able to be alert to study well. A student will get in trouble if he or she falls asleep because of doing homework until midnight after going back home from work. In addition, many students are too busy for school, or they spend most of their time...

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