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  • Faith or Reason?

    question whether the existence of God can be proved by faith ‚ reason‚ or as Thomas Aquinas insists‚ by both faith and reason. There were differing opinions of this matter in both scholarly and religious circles. Faith is what all believers must have within them‚ it is a crucial part of man’s relationship with God. On the other hand‚ reason is a part of science and some believed that matters of The Divine should not be subjected to reason; there should not be a justification for God. Thomas Aquinas

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  • Reason and Scholarship

    Being able to live to see this day is an honor‚ but being able to apply for this scholarship is truly a blessing. There are many reasons why people choose to apply for scholarships. Some may even have pros and cons. Today‚ I’m applying for this scholarship for benefits and less worries. I have some many reason why I would apply for this scholarship but I will only list three. I believe I’m the candidate for this scholarship because I am a very persistent person‚ I am unique‚ and I am able to do anything

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  • Reasons for Travel

    old or young‚ they strive to leave the place where they live or work‚ and move to another spot of our planet — at least for two to four weeks a year. They travel to cities and towns‚ mountains and lakes‚ across oceans and seas. There are several reasons why the popularity of travel and tourism is growing. The first one is educational value of travelling. Man has always moved from one place to another in search of knowledge. Even now‚ in the age of technology and global communication‚ travelling to

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  • Faith and Reason

    Faith and Reason: Their roles in religious and secular life Donald A.Crosby In Faith and Reason‚ Donald A. Crosby analyzes dynamics of faith and how the interaction between the two enables us to live meaningful lives .He aims to correct misconceptions and inaccurate assumptions about both faith and reason-especially associating faith only with religious expressions and communities ‚and reason exclusively with secular life and scientific cultures . He argues that we must recognize and strive

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  • Reason and Faith

    were students of theology. “Aquinas believes that humans are directed toward the transcendent God as the ultimate goal of their lives‚ and this transcendent goal is a beyond the power of human reason to grasp” (p. 47). Lonergan “understands the relationship between critical reason

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  • Reason vs Passion

    2012 Combat of Passion and Reason Wandile Sihle Nzimakwe 211546206 PHIL203: Ways of Reasoning Wandile Sihle Nzimakwe: 211546206 2012 Combat of Passion and Reason Wandile Sihle Nzimakwe 211546206 PHIL203: Ways of Reasoning Introduction The view that reason is the superior principle and it causes an action is a fallacy. Having said this‚ Reason alone can never cause action. What really causes an action is a Passion to act according to what you desire to do. Reason however can be a passion’s

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  • Reasons people communicate

    reasons people communicate Communication plays a crucial role in everyday life and without it there would be great difficulty to move forward and for things to get done. There are many different aspects of communication and all play an important role. Communication can be used to seek information. A person will ask someone who has more knowledge of the subject and so when they tell them the answers to their questions the person is left with more information which in turn will be passed on to someone

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  • Reasons to Learn English

    CAUSES OF LEARNİNG ENGLISH In today’s World‚ people have increased the learning English. There are various reasons why many are learning English‚ but three stand out: original version of Hollywood movies‚ getting a good job and easily travelling abroad. The first reason is that should be considered is original version of Hollywood movies. People like famous actors’ original voices. In Turkey‚ some movies are not original. They can have a Turkish voice over for Turkish people‚ because

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  • 13 Reasons Why

    13 Reasons Why You Could Be Misunderstood In the book‚ 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher‚ the character Hannah Baker is very misunderstood by every other character in her story. Hannah Baker is Clay Jensen’s first love in his high school‚ his first love that committed suicide. Often in life as well as literature‚ there are many people in this world who are misunderstood by others. In 13 Reasons Why‚ Hannah Baker has sent out seven cassettes each containing two people‚ two reasons why she felt

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  • Faith vs Reason

    Dallas Rapoport Mr. Cimmins THEO 1000 4/17/2012 Faith VS. Reason I believe that by definition faith and reason contradict each other‚ causing them to be incompatible. A person who relies on reason to interpret reality is using logic‚ probability‚ and induction to arrive at conclusions about the world. The use of faith‚ by definition‚ is to go against these principles. It is to believe in or arrive at a conclusion that is not the most reasonable option‚ thus why it is an act of faith.

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