Tsar Nicholas II and Problems He Faced

Topics: Nicholas II of Russia, Russia, Alexander III of Russia Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: January 29, 2014

HISTORY ESSAY: How serious were the problems facing the Tsar, Nicholas II from 1894-1905? Alongside the other serious problems the Tsar encountered, one main concerning battle was with himself, which many concurred with by the end of 1905. Nicholas II fell into the notion that the throne was reserved for him by the will of god, thus thought he didn’t have to take measures to politically modernise, and establish Russia in general. This deluded perception brought about many serious problems itself. Nicholas II, given Tsardom from 1894(-1918) had many problems that were of the essence to deal with, one problem surpassing another in seriousness. Nicholas II came into the throne with a mutual attitude as his grandfather, Alexander II. He listened to ministers who recognised the necessity of economic modernisation, but failed to see the potential degree of political change if implemented. Albeit, Tsar Nicholas II’s idea of Russia’s future was one of modernisation and economic development, however with the combination of the political system that still retained the traditional features of autocracy, it looked potentially slim. The Tsar failed to recognise and adapt to the social and economic changes that had taken place. Expressions such as the emancipation under the great reforms of 1860 that made peasants freer and more prosperous gave birth to various political groups, which could no longer tolerate the Tsar’s unquestionable autocratic obedience as acceptable. These social and economic changes were largely accountable for the great revolutionary outburst in 1905. The defiance wasn’t only coming from the side of peasants and the urban workforce in general, but also from the literate middleclass who could no longer stand the autocratic state, consequenting in the establishment of secret political groups and opposition to the Tsar Nicholas II such as social democrats, comprising of Bolsheviks, Mensheviks as well as Kadets and many other social revolutionaries. The...
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