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Saint Petersburg

capital of Saint Petersburg. Troops were sent to Saint Petersburg to stop the riots; they opened fire and killed the people. In response to the way the riots were being handled Tsar Nicholas II gave up the throne on March 15. The October Revolution or Bolshevik Revolution was led by Vladimir Lenin who launched a nearly bloodless battle against the ad hoc government ("History."). The Bolsheviks and their allies occupied government buildings and other strategic locations in Saint Petersburg, and soon...

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Russian Timeline of Events Leading Up to the Revolution on 1917

| |1905 |January |Bloody Sunday in Saint Petersburg. | |1905 |June |Battleship Potemkin uprising at Odessa on the Black Sea (see movie The Battleship Potemkin). | |1905 |October |General strike, Saint Petersburg Soviet formed; October Manifesto: Imperial agreement on elections to the | | | ...

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Alexander Pushkin

Scandinavian nobility. First educated by French and Russian tutors at home, his nurse also entertained him with traditional Russian folk tales. When he was 11, he attended an exclusive school for the nobility in Tsarskoe Selo, outside the capital city, St. Petersburg. He wrote and published his first poem at the age of fifteen. While still a student at the Lyceum. Pushkin wrote poetry that drew the acclaim of his teachers and peers. Around 1819-20, he fell under the spell of Byron's work, and he wrote a series...

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What has Putin done for Russia

and power hungry men on the planet, striving to bring these two equally important facets back to Russia. But which face of Putin is really true? We (other nationalities) and even many oblivious Russians don’t see Russia further than Moscow or Saint Petersburg. We have only recently heard of Sochi due to media coverage of the Winter Olympics. Without the inevitably western biased media we know very little about Russia and we would base our thoughts and opinions on previous out of date knowledge of...

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Nicholas Ii of Russia

Anonymos 21/03/13 Nicholas II of Russia Nicholas II was born the 18th of May, 1869 in Saint Petersburg. He was christened his imperial highness Nicholas Aleksandrovitch Romanov, Grand Duke of Russia. When Nicholas was a child, he wasn't as bright as his younger brothers, which made his dad view Nicholas as a shy child, not "man enough" to become emperor of Russia. He never wanted to be the Czar of Russia, and his parents did not teach him enough for him to be ruler, he was much more of a family...

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Pushkin and the Golden Age of Political Thought

literary masterpiece and manifesto for the modern Russian political landscape. In the realm of political science discipline, Pushkin emphasizes the relationship between the state (manifested in the equestrian statue of Peter the Great outside of Saint Petersburg) and the individual (Evgenii). The poem is a classic piece of Romantic era literature, swirled in enlightenment ideology of the post 19th century Tsarist period. However, it’s the political element that gives this poem its true backbone. The...

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WIT Essay

novel. For example, point of view, imagery, and symbols all contributes towards a motif or overarching idea. In the novel Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky uses domestic imagery, the setting of the home, and the setting of the story itself, Saint Petersburg to reveal the oppressive forces of poverty acting up Raskolnikov. This is accomplished through the settings of the bar, Raskolnikov’s house, and the school outlining the harsh environment the citizens and the protagonist that is acting upon them...

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Peter the Great—Russian Reformer

provinces, Peter decided to build a fort nearby and he built what is now known as Saint Petersburg. Due to the war, the city was built with haste, which led to many of the workers dying. The fort was completed in 1703. While the city was meant to be a military installation, Peter also envisioned it to be a "Gateway to the West." If he could possibly defeat Sweden and take control of the Baltic, then St. Petersburg would literally be Russia's lone gateway to the west. However, Peter was never able...

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Office Visible. White Nights, GUS Russia St. Petersburg 300 Years Old Venice Of The North Gate From General Staff Building To The Big Square With Alexander Columne Built In 1834 By Architect Auguste Montferrand N White Nights, GUS Russia St. Petersburg 300 Years Old Venice Of The North Gate From General Staff Building To The Big Square With Alexander Columne Built In 1834 By Architect Auguste Montferrand N White Nights, GUS Russia St. Petersburg 300 Years Old Venice Of The North Gate From General ...

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How far do you agree that the most important cause of the February 1917 revolution was the Great War

Great War started a chain reaction of problems for Russia. Morale during this time was at an all-time low and soldiers and civilians alike were looking for someone to blame. In 1915, Tsar Nicholas II took personal command of the army and left St. Petersburg and moved to army headquarters in Russian, Poland. Nicholas II may have believed that, by taking charge, his army would be inspired and would fight with renewed vigour, however this had the opposite effect. Unfortunately, the Tsar knew little about...

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