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Critical Reading and Writing Professor Yu 7 November 2013 A few people in this world are blessed with amazing gifts and talents. Having these extraordinary talents makes others realize how special that person truly is because of how much talent they have and how well they execute that talent. For example, a professional athlete is a person who uses their gift as a talent. Lebron James is one of the most gifted and talented athletes on the planet because of his size, speed, and agility...

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The Gift of the Magi

“The Gift of the Magi” Expository Essay The author O.Henry portrayed the message of how the giving of gifts requires a lot of hard work, and also incessant searching to find the perfect gift for either your friend, or family. And the gifts will usually require you to sacrifice something special to you, either it be money or a valued possession. A gift doesn’t always have to be physical, maybe if you just cut a little time off work and spent it with your friends, it could be the best gift they might...

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Gift of Magi

The Gift of the Magi Valery Taylor ENG 125 Prof. Matthew Norsworthy April 30, 2012 The Gift of Magi In this short story, The Gift of Magi, O.Henry focuses mainly on one most important theme which is selfless love. In this writing, whose title is an allusion to the gift of the three wise men to Jesus when he was born, the writer clearly shows the value of personal affection and the true meaning of giving gifts. In short, the main idea is that the best gift is that which is most sincere and...

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gift of the magi

Analysis the short story “ the Gift of Magic” by O.Henry O. Henry whose real name was William Sydney Porter was a famous American writer. He's considered one of the great American short story authors. O. Henry's stories are known for rich emotion , their playful and optimistic sense of humor, and especially for their twist endings. One of O.Henry ‘s stories the most loved by Western reader is “ The gift of Magic “. It can also be considered as one of the Christmas...

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The Gift of Change

The Gift of Change Gifts are a sign of caring, love, and respect for the person. The feeling when receiving a gift or giving one overwhelms us, with happiness and joy. Gifts are memorable and meant to be cherished for a long time. I have received plenty of gifts in my life, but the one gift I can always remember is my dog coco. It sounds cliché, but the reason Coco was my greatest gift was because it was a treasured gift from my grandparents, helped me socially, and brought me closer to my family...

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Gift and Presents

Presents . Another word that synonym to it is gift . Have you ever gave a present to someone ? Have you ever received presents ? Well , you must be . Because a person that never gave or received presents , her life maybe is a dull one . Let's talk about giving presents first . Why do you gave presents ? There must be a reason why you give a presents to somebody . I myself will not simply give a present to somebody for no reason . There are several reasons of giving presents . First , to celebrate...

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"The Gift of the Magi”

Janine Giandomenico October 10, 2012 “The Gift of the Magi” "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry is a tale rich with the simplicity of times past, while carrying forward one that transcends time an history…the unconditional love and sacrifice of man (Jim) and wife (Della). Published in 1906 in “The Four Million”, it was his first collection of short stories, it included a surprise ending that come to be considered typical of Henry’s other writings. “The story is also thought to exemplify the...

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Hiba Gift In Islam

Definition of Hiba (Gift) and its Significance in Sharia By Ahmed Shahir Usmani 1-Definition of Gift (Hiba): To give some amount of wealth or goods (in self consent) by a mature or sane person is called Gift. Just like giving a house, money or clothes to a Muslim brother without any compensation. 2-The word Hiba falls under both Gift and Charity. Words like gift, charity, ransom and donation all has similar meanings. If the giver wishes to earn Allah’s mercy by giving to needy or dependant is...

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Gift of the Magi

“ Of all who give and receive gifts , such as they are wisest . It is the spirit in which these gifts are exchanged that is important .” Ellaborate with reference to the story ‘ The Gift of The Magi .’ The wonderful story ‘The Gift Of The Magi ‘ has been written by O.Henry (real name – William Sidney Porter) who was born in 1862 in North Carolina ,USA. After finishing school he worked for sometime as a clerk in his uncle’s drugstore in which he was wrongfully convicted for embezzlement and...

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Essay on the Gift of the Magi

The story The gift of the Magi tells the story about a young married couple who are deeply in love and want to get each other a gift for Christmas. The problem they share is that they are incredibly poor and acquiring a gift that is worthy of their spouse is nearly impossible. Della had only saved one dollar and eighty-seven cents in order to buy her husband a gift, knowing that that amount wasn’t enough; she decided to sell her long luscious hair. Jim Della’s husband, decided to sell his gold watch...

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