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Nicholas Ii Of Russia

Anonymos 21/03/13 Nicholas II of Russia Nicholas II was born the 18th of May, 1869 in Saint Petersburg. He was christened his imperial highness Nicholas Aleksandrovitch Romanov, Grand Duke of Russia. When Nicholas was a child, he wasn't as bright as his younger brothers, which made his dad view Nicholas as a shy child, not "man enough" to become emperor of Russia. He never wanted to be the Czar of Russia, and his parents did not teach him enough for him to be ruler, he was much more of a family...

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Tzar Nicholas Ii - Downfall of Russia

<center><b>It was Tzar Nicholas 2 political naivete and extreme obstinance that led to the downfall of the Russia</b></center> <br> <br>Certain aspects of Tsar Nicholas 2's behaviour definitely contributed to bringing about the fall of the Russian Empire, however most of these qualities were not weaknesses in character as such, they were qualities we would associate with poor leadership. When we say ‘weakness in character' we mean being easily influenced/controlled by others. Nicholas himself was a firm...

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Tsar Nicholas Ii

Nicholas II abdicated the throne in 1917 up until then, the Russian Royal family had ruled for over three hundred years. Throughout this period, they faced many problems and uneasy predicaments, a lot of these centering on Nicholas II as Tsar. A combination of long and short-term problems led to the decline and eventual fall of the Romanov dynasty. Tsar Nicholas II ignored these issues, staying true to his coronation vow to uphold Autocracy, and therefore played a critical role in the plummet of...

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Tsar Nicholas II

In 1894, at the age of 26, Nicholas II became Tsar of Russia as a result of his father, Alexander III's, passing away. When he acquired the throne he cried because he wasn't ready to be king. Spoken by Nicholas himself, he said, “I am not yet ready to be Tsar. I know nothing of the business of ruling” (Lieven, 1993). However, ascending the throne was something that Nicholas had to do with no other choice in the matter. Before Nicholas became Tsar the people of Russia already disliked the Romanov...

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Tsar Nicholas Ii

To what extent was the Tsar to blame for his downfall in March 1917? Tsar Nicholas II was rightfully blamed for his downfall in March 1917. His revolting actions resulting in detrimental impacts on Russia made him solely to blame for his abdication. Politically, socially and through War, Nicholas was to great extent his own reason of causing his downfall. There were numerous political challenges Tsar Nicholas encountered through his reign as ruler, with the majority a direct consequence of...

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What Challenges Faced the Tsar Nicholas Ii of Russia Between 1894-1917?

Before 1917 in Russia there was one supreme ruler with full autocratic power, there were no elected policies by law and the tsar was seen to have been put into his position by god. Between 1894-1917 the tsar came under pressure generally not suffered by any of his predecessors. The opposition came from four main sides; The government and reform; the actual character of Nicholas II hindered his time in office, for example his outlooks on situations meant he did not trust a lot of his advisors...

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How effectively did Nicholas II deal with the problems facing Russia in the period 1894 – 1905?

How effectively did Nicholas II deal with the problems facing Russia in the period 1894 – 1905? It is one of the ironies of Russian history that, at a time when the nation most needed a tsar of strength and imagination, it was a man of weakness and limited outlook who came to the throne. Nicholas II was the eldest son of Tsar Alexander III. When he succeeded his father in 1894, he had very little experience of government. There are two main aspects to Nicholas’ II’s reign; firstly the problems...

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Nicholas II's Meager Role In World War II

effect on the Russian economy. The rising cost of food caused food shortages. Industrial workers went on strike to increase wages and by the end of the war and a new government emerged following Nicholas II abdication. The already delicate domestic political situation in Russia would be imperiled by Nicholas II’s personal affiliation with the military wealth of his country. Any other military commander could be blamed for a disaster and then dismissed, but by taking personal command the Emperor would...

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Tsar Nicholas II and Problems He Faced

problems facing the Tsar, Nicholas II from 1894-1905? Alongside the other serious problems the Tsar encountered, one main concerning battle was with himself, which many concurred with by the end of 1905. Nicholas II fell into the notion that the throne was reserved for him by the will of god, thus thought he didn’t have to take measures to politically modernise, and establish Russia in general. This deluded perception brought about many serious problems itself. Nicholas II, given Tsardom from 1894(-1918)...

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How Did Tsar Nicholas Ii Play a Role in His Own Downfall?

What role did Nicholas II play in his downfall? It can be seen by anybody that Nicholas II indeed played a huge role in his downfall. This downfall portrayed political, social and economical failures. Firstly, Nicholas’ abhorrent autocratic beliefs and his infamous ways of maintaining it contributed to his downfall. Also, the infamous massacre known as “Bloody Sunday” also contributed to his downfall, and finally the decision Nicholas made to fight in the Japanese and First World Wars all led...

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