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  • Alexander Ii & Alexander Iii

    Alexander II & Alexander III Alexander was the eldest son of Tsar Nicholas I and was born in Moscow in 1818. Alexander became Tsar of Russia in 1855 after his father’s death. At that time Russia was in the Crimean War but then in 1856 russia signed the Treaty of Paris that put an end to the war. Alexander knew that his military power wasn’t strong enough anymore and his advisers informed him that Russia’s economy is not even close enough to be competed with industrialized nations such as Great

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  • Alexander Iii Was the Ruler Who Did Most to Transform Russia in the Period 1855 to 1914

    Alexander III was the ruler who did the most to transform Russia in the period 1855 to 1914. How far do you agree? There are three Tsars that had many ideas and plan to transform Russia in the period 1855 to 1914. Alexander II‚ Alexander III and Nicholas II all made reforms to transform and modernise Russia so that it economy was up to date with the rest of Europe. When Alexander II came into power Russia had become involved in the Crimean War‚ a conflict fought primarily in the Crimean peninsula

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  • Alexander II: Managing the Challenge of Modernizing Russia

    How successful did Alexander II manage the challenge of modernising Russia Since the nineteenth century it has been evident that Russia and much of Eastern Europe has struggled to keep up with the modernising western powers; a problem which has become apparent to Alexander II. They were socially‚ economically and politically behind in many aspects; industrialising was a huge problem due to problems with serfdom as well as poor infrastructure and transport links which made industrialising uneven

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  • Russia in 1894 was unrecognisable from the Russia inherited by Alexander III in 1881. How far do you agree with this statement?

    I think that Russia was unrecognisable in 1894 compared to what it was in 1881 when it was inherited by Alexander III. Alexander III had changed many things from when he came into power and still remained when he had died in 1894. One thing that had changed in Russia from when Alexander had come into power in 1881 was that there was increased repression regarding politics. The Statue of State Security was introduced which brought government-controlled courts into the country and could now put

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  • What were the problems facing Alexander the III in 1881

    The Problems facing Alexander III in 1881 When Alexander became Tsar‚ Russia was in crisis following the assassination of Alexander II. Supreme political authority was still in the hands of the Tsar‚ but there were immense challenges facing Alexander III as he suddenly became Tsar of the world’s largest country‚ covering a quarter of the world’s land surface. Although known as the ‘Russian’ Empire‚ it compromised a large number of ethnic groups‚ with the Russians making up only half the population

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  • How Successfully Did Alexander Iii Suppress Opposition?

    sHow successfully did Alexander III suppress opposition? Alexander III was the Tsar of Russia from 1881 to 1894 and during his reign‚ Russia became somewhat stable‚ and Alexander himself opposed his father’s reforms and stamped out any opposition to his rule. His father‚ Alexander II had allowed reformers to be present in the government. This allowed instability and opposition at times when Russia was not in its better stages. Revolts and rebellions has plagued Russian History and opposed the

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  • alexander

    Alexander III‚ Tsar of Russia‚ 1881-1889   Alexander III of Russia was born on 26th February 1845. Clumsy and gruff as a child‚ he grew up to be a man of great physical strength. Everything about him suggested imperial power. He was six feet four inches tall‚ broad and very strong. Stories circulated about Tsar Alexander bending (and then restraightening) iron fire pokers‚ crushing silver roubles in his fingers‚ and tearing packs of cards in half for the entertainment of his children‚ and about

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  • Measuring the Success of Alexander III in Tackling the Problems of the Tsarist Regime

    How successful was Alexander III in tackling the problems of the Tsarist regime? Tsar Alexander III was forced onto the throne after his father’s assassination in 1881. He had fears of maybe having the same fate of his father‚ therefore leading onto him making changes to the Tsarist regime bringing it back to a doctoral style of government. Alexander wanted to ensure that all power was again entrusted to the Tsar and to do this he had to restrict the zemstva’s power as the zemstva meant the power

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  • How well did Alexander III deal with the problems that he faced

    How well did Alexander III deal with the problems that he faced? Unlike his father‚ Alexander III did manage to survive his reign relatively unscathed‚ which indicates that he dealt with his problems well‚ at least in the short term. Alexander III inherited a country fraught with economic difficulties‚ violent extremists and social tensions. His priority was to maintain his autocratic power and restore the power and influence of the nobility – his most trusted support base. Although he achieved

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  • Alexander the Third

    was a reactionary‚ unlike the reformer his father‚ Alexander II‚ had been. However‚ as so often the case‚ this interpretation of Alexander III’s rule is undisputed. There is much reason to believe that despite some different policies‚ ultimately both men wanted to reach the same goals. Alexander III unquestionably did undermine the reforming policies of his father‚ but the underlying reasons for this are not so obvious. “The reign of Alexander II‚ which began with bright promise‚ and changed to

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