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This report is a brief insight in to the quality of the Dove Beauty bar, its evolution and its strengths and the threat faced by the competitor. Dove brand evolved in early 1957and is owned by Unilever.

Dove came up with the different strategy and that is the Real Beauty concept. They emphasized that beauty of a women is not the outer beauty but the actual beauty is her inner self. There ads included normal ordinary women who were not only slim trimmed and toned but they were fat, simple and aged too. Dove differentiated its beauty bar by emphasizing that it contains moisturizing cream and milk and unlike other soaps namely like Lux it does not leave the skin dry but its moisturizing cream effect softens and moisturizes the skin. Initially Dove did not have many competitors but now the completion has been strengthened by the new entrants and therefore Dove now needs to safeguard it equity constantly. Hope you all enjoy reading this report as much as I enjoyed compiling and completing it.


* Dove is a personal care brand owned by Unilever.
* It started in 1957
* The brand came to India in 1995.
* It is imported and marketed by Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL). * By the end of the dove firming “Real Women” Campaign, dove has become a national talking point and was ranked number three in the body lotions market, ahead of L’oreal, Garnier, Neutrogena and Olay. * In the year 2004, Unilever won the ‘marketer of the year’ award for its brand Dove


* A combination of moisturizer and softness so as to satisfy the particular need which was earlier not met. * Focused on women (“non-models”) – beautiful in their own way. * Based on global study on perceptions and attitudes of women with regard to personal beauty and well-being. * Point of differentiation-moisturizer and pH =O and also met consumer needs. * Strong personal, emotional connection between brand and consumers. * Dove has a range of personal care products from beauty bars to shampoo’s, facewash,moisturizing cream etc. All of this is catered towards the real life women and not only to superstars or celebrity unlike Lux.

Brand evolution: The Dove Story
The Dove Campaign for Beauty has made the topic of beauty itself controversial, but marketers have kept the message itself positive. The message: Real beauty can only be found on the inside and every woman deserves to feel beautiful. The image: Real beauty is portrayed by women who do not have "runway model" on their resumes -- they are the women passing by in grocery aisles or sitting in the office next door. The result: A dialog between Dove and its consumers about the definition of beauty. Dove's marketing push defied conventional stereotypes and advocated for unconventional beauty and self-esteem. But before Unilever committed to the controversial campaign, it secured evidence that the majority of their consumers would relate to it. "The Real Truth About Beauty," a global research report commissioned by Dove, reported that only two percent of women worldwide describe themselves as beautiful. This is what sets Dove apart from other brands: its beauty campaigns touched a cultural nerve by challenging the current super-thin, silky-hair, perfect skin standard. The campaign spurred conversations in the media and among product consumers. Ultimately Dove's brand image grew because people began associating concepts of true beauty with Dove and its products. Since the brand was launched in 1957, the Dove advertising message has been a constant: It's not soap. It's a beauty bar. The picture of cream pouring into the bar was the iconic image Dove used in ads for nearly five decades. In 2002, Unilever downsized from 1,600 brands to 400, nominating Dove to be one of its master brands. No longer just a beauty bar, Dove was to be a beauty brand, encompassing products such as body wash, deodorant, hair care and body...

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