The Beauty Myth

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Naomi Wolf Pages: 3 (1163 words) Published: December 12, 2005
The beauty image
Humans seem to be obsessed with beauty, at least in our western culture. Thousands of advertisements are created and put into publication everyday and then distributed to communities all over the world. As we flip through our magazines and newspapers, turn on the TV, or glance at the billboards high above us, we can't help being influenced by what we see. Advertisements can be successful at selling their product to their audience by manipulating the consumers' fears. Advertising surrounds us and creates a world that we only wish existed. They focus on sending out a message that informs women what they need to do in order to become accepted by society. We will never see an ad that is labeled the perfect woman or man because if society gives us evidence that such as person or image is real, it can be easily manipulated and their role as the decision maker of beauty is now questioned.

I saw an advertisement on television for Dove; it showed four pictures of women who can be seen as wouldn't necessarily be viewed as beautiful according to society. This advertisement uses these four women and to try to persuade us that each of them are beautiful in their own way. This ad is very false in nature, due to the fact that none of these women were ever used prior to this to represent any of their products. When I first viewed this ad, it appeared that they had come to the realization that true beauty comes within, and that you don't need a beauty product to help you see what's already there. After reading this analysis you will learn the conclusion that was drawn out from this advertisement.

In her book, the beauty myth, Naomi wolf "argues that the purpose of the images, and the entire idea of "beauty", is to control women (Wolf 10). She shows us that the increased pressure of the female beauty ideals has lead to an overwhelming power, and says the power of these ideals is making women self-conscious and vulnerable to critic, because looks...
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