Dove Campaign

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Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty

I am really glad to finally see a beauty brand advertise all kinds of women and to actually see them start a campaign that emphasizes the idea that beauty really does come in all shapes, sizes and age groups. Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty is an excellent way to restructure the footprints media has left on our superficial society. So far we have been brought up with the ideology that one has to look a certain way in order to really be beautiful, but very few people actually realize that no one is nearly perfect or that there is no perfect. Personally, I think that people thinking you’re beautiful is a minimal contribution to self-esteem because if you don’t feel beautiful, then others’ opinions won’t matter. I think that the Dove campaign will achieve their goal of making all sorts of women and young girls feel good about themselves and who they are. Their campaign has such a strong message that many women have trouble coming to terms with. With this promotion of real beauty, Dove may actually be able to change women’s perceptions of their bodies and may actually start to get them to appreciate themselves for who they are not what they are. The first step to being beautiful is to believe in yourself and being confident that you are beautiful, and the rest will come naturally. This first step is also the hardest to overcome by many women because it is hard to quickly alter a message that has been etched in your mind for so long.

One of Dove’s ads (called Evolution) that contribute to the campaign for real beauty is of a woman who, in the beginning, is not wearing make up, but by the end of the commercial ends up on a billboard advertising foundation. She looks like a completely different person, her face dolled up with beauty products, her hair transformed by hair products into something it would not have otherwise been, and her facial features had undergone many alterations on Photoshop. The commercial ends with a powerful...
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