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  • Skin

    SKIN • Largest and heaviest organ of the body; accounts for about 15% of the total body weight • Also called as cutaneous membrane • Skin contains two layers‚ the epidermis and the dermis. • The hypodermis is the layer underneath the skin. FUNCTIONS • Skin is a protective covering that prevents harmful substances from entering the body. • It helps regulate body temperature and water loss. • It houses sensory receptors and contains immune system cells. • It synthesizes chemicals and excretes

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  • The Skin

    | |INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM - SKIN IS IN! | Integumentary? That’s a big word to describe something as simple as our skin. First‚ the skin is not all that simple. Second‚ integumentary systems are the parts in humans that include the basic types of skin‚ hair‚ fingernails‚ oil‚ and sweat glands. They are found in integument layers called the epidermis (top)‚ dermis

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  • Skin

    Layers of the skin The skin is an ever-changing organ that contains many specialized cells and structures. The skin functions as a protective barrier that interfaces with a sometimes-hostile environment. It is also very involved in maintaining the proper temperature for the body to function well. It gathers sensory information from the environment‚ and plays an active role in the immune system protecting us from disease. Understanding how the skin can function in these many ways starts with understanding

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  • skin

    SKIN I. INTRODUCTION Skin‚ outer body covering of an animal. The term skin is commonly used to describe the body covering of any animal but technically refers only to the body covering of vertebrates (animals that have a backbone). The skin has the same basic structure in all vertebrates‚ including fish‚ reptiles‚ birds‚ and humans and other mammals. This article focuses primarily on human skin. The skin is essential to a person’s survival. It forms a barrier that helps prevent harmful microorganisms

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  • Skin

    Many may believe the skin is the most obsolete organ that humans have‚ but that is far from the truth. Scientists‚ just recently‚ have come to the conclusion that human skin is equipped with the strongest‚ most convoluted defense system that the body can produce. To the naked eye‚ the surface of the skin may seem like a calm‚ untouched wasteland scattered with grass-like follicles‚ but‚ magnified‚ it is a battle zone of the body’s defenses fending off unwanted‚ invading bacteria (Metaphor). With

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  • Skin and Layer

    integument or underlying structures. Which might result in loss of skin. (Carville‚ 2012‚ p. 16) 2. List the functions of the skin Function of skin is to regulate temperature Synthesize vitamin D Protects us from injury and damage Sensation and communication via nerve endings and receptors in the skin Elimination of waste through excretion and secretion of sweat etc. (Harris‚ 2010‚ p. 757) 3. Name the three layers of the skin and give a brief description of each layer. Epidermis- the

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  • clear skin

    remove whiteheads effectively. 2. Another best whiteheads removal home treatment is using a facial scrub. Make your own homemade facial scrub with rice or oat flour to get rid of whiteheads. This home remedy is also best for getting rid of oily skin on face. 3. Application of toothpaste on whiteheads is an effective home remedy for removing whiteheads. When a spot with a whitehead appears‚ apply a small amount of toothpaste on whiteheads at night. This toothpaste on whiteheads treatment will

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  • Skin and Vinegar

    Tanesha Martin Speech #1- Informative Due Date-2/10/08 General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform the Public Speaking 205 class about the many different ways they can use vinegar to clean their homes‚ promote their health‚ and enhance their beauty. Thesis Statement: Vinegar is a cheap‚ effective alternative to cleaning your home‚ promoting your health and enhancing your beauty. Introduction Ladies and Gentleman‚ what if I told you that vinegar has been used to clean homes‚ promote

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  • Skin Diseases

    Skin diseases are among the most pestiferous and aesthetically displeasing of all maladies‚ ranging from hives to leprosy. The severity of skin diseases can differ‚ although the symptoms range from simple itching to loss of skin. Specifically‚ the covered diseases in this paper are acne‚ dandruff‚ and skin cancer. Acne is probably one of the most unappealing side-effects commonly associated with teenagers. The cause of acne vulgaris‚ which is largely an inflammatory disease According to wikipedia

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  • skin disorders

    List of skin conditions Acne A common inflammatory disorder of the sebaceous (oil secreting) glands of the skin causing inflamed red pimples on the face and neck. Most people affected by acne are aged between 12 and 25. However‚ men and women in their 30s and 40s can also suffer. There are many treatments available to help deal with the condition. Alopecia Alopecia means sudden hair loss. There are many different causes and patterns of hair loss. Any area can be involved including eyebrows and

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