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  • Cooking

    September 13‚ 2013 2-BPS/ENG03 Prof. De Jesus‚ s. d. Observe a cooking demonstration online‚ in a department store or on television. Write a paragraph that describes how a speaker uses gestures‚ eye contact and vocal variety to hold the audience’s interest. If the speaker uses an audiovisual aid‚ describe how it is being used. I love watching cooking shows on the Food Network or on the Lifestyle Network. My favorite cooking show is Everyday Italian‚ not because I love Italian foods but the

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  • Cooking Is Chemistry

    Terrius Watson Dr. Kitchens Chemistry 4 March 2013 Chemistry Matters Cooking is chemistry. Everything is essentially chemical reactions. If you don’t mix the correct amount of grams of one element with another the product can result to be horrendous. The formula of sugar is C12H22O11. When you mix a certain amount of that into a solution of water with the addition of tea you a drink called sweet tea. Let’s say you mix add more C12H22O11 than water. Then your product will be syrup; a completely

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  • Enjoy Cooking

    21st century cooking was basically a survival skill. And now‚ the division of cooking is marked into two main categories. The first one is “normal cuisine” which means home cooking‚ and the other one is “elegant cuisine”‚ which is cooking conceived like an art form. The major difference between the two branches is that one form should be considered as practical cooking while the other is more like cooking with a view to demonstrating skills As for international students‚ cooking promises to help

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  • Cooking for chumps

    Cooking for chumps - Essay What is one skill you can use all your life‚ no matter what career you end up in? Cooking is a fundamental skill that benefits life in all aspects! Engineers need food‚ Scientists need food‚ stay-at-home moms need food‚ even people with no career need food. Its a necessity of life! That is why I choose to learn cooking as my skill for my learning project. I have learned so much over the past few weeks that I will never forget. Cooking is not just about throwing something

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  • Introduction to Cooking

    INTRO TO COOKING METHOD COOK – to heat food in order to change flavour‚ texture‚ appearance & chemical properties EFFECTS of HEAT on FOOD Carbohydrates – Starches and sugars are present in foods in many forms 2 Most Important Changes in Carbohydrates Caused by Heat are: 1. Caramelization – browning of sugars; browning of sautéed veggies and golden colour of breads are sample of Caramelization 2. Gelatinization – when starches absorb water and swell; a major principle in the thickening

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  • Art of Cooking

    Art of cooking I have a passion for culinary art. My double culture‚ and family background was behind this love .I always thought that being half French ‚ half Moroccan is a great mixture ‚ but starting to cook approved it to me . I remember when I used to sneak in my mom’s kitchen‚ and play with the ingredients. It was a great time where I learned how to mix‚ and make new dishes by improvising new combinations. For example‚ I mixed flavors and textures that were usually never combined. Or

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  • Cooking Recipe

    Southern Fish Finger Sandwich 1 x 500g fillet of sea bass or red snapper 2 tbs. Mixed dried herbs 2 tbs. Cajun spice ½ tsp. salt A few handfuls of plain flour 1 litre of vegetable oil for deep frying Tartar sauce: 200g of mayonnaise 2 tsps of capers‚ drained‚ roughly chopped 2 Anchovies‚ finely chopped 1 gherkin‚ roughly chopped ½ a bunch of flat leaf parsley‚ finely chopped For serving: 1 x white farmhouse loaf unsalted butter‚ softened Handful of watercress Instructions:

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  • Cooking shows influencing cooking habits?

    Literacy Task Using your research from the websites and the TV cooking shows Write a page explaining: How Cooking Shows could influence people’s cooking‚ eating and shopping habits.” Today we have access to more information than ever before‚ with our range of social media‚ websites and television‚ there are endless ways to find out new things. If you want to play the guitar‚ you simply type into YouTube ‘How to play the guitar’. Complicated things have been made so much easier just because

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  • Cooking to Become a Chef

    Cooking for me is my way of expressing myself. It gives me a chance as a person to show my friends and family what I’m good at and what I love to do. I haven’t always enjoyed the art of cooking. With cooking‚ I have learned to prepare different types of meals using different methods‚ ingredients‚ a potpourri of equipment and seasonings. Food seasoning is a personal trademark you create and eventually it classifies you to either be prominent as a chef or just a plain Jane Suzy homemaker who cooks

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    in quality. The best think ever I know to do is cooking and considered as creativity. Needs all senses to engage with cooking. I have a strong feeling that art of cooking is hereditary. In my family where my grandma’s and aunt’s have that skill of cooking traditional food. These indulge me to cooking when I was 8‚ simply by toasting a dose. Trying different recipes make me know about variant cultural food habits and nutrition value. Before cooking any dish I understand its own origin‚ history. I

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