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Michael Pollan’s article The Cooking Animal, describes the decline of home cooked meals and its effects. Cooking, he says, is what separates us from animals. It’s how we became civilized. By making us come together and share food, we learn about each other and ourselves. Although its importance, cooking is rapidly declining in modern times. What was once a daily ritual is now becoming a special occasion. Replacing cooking is convenient, yet horribly unhealthy, processed foods thus worsening the...

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Different Methods of Cooking

Different methods of cooking Introduction In cooking, there are Some basic methods of cooking That Are Used. Used commonly These basic cooking methods are Divided into two general groups. The groups are: Dry heat methods and Cookery Cookery Moist heat methods. The methods of cooking are Divided into two groups thes Because of the way food is cooked and the type of Heat That Is Used. Let us have a look at the Dry Heat Cookery Methods. Dry Heat Cookery Methods In dry heat cooking methods, the food...

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Cooking to Become a Chef

Cooking for me is my way of expressing myself. It gives me a chance as a person to show my friends and family what I’m good at and what I love to do. I haven’t always enjoyed the art of cooking. With cooking, I have learned to prepare different types of meals using different methods, ingredients, a potpourri of equipment and seasonings. Food seasoning is a personal trademark you create and eventually it classifies you to either be prominent as a chef or just a plain Jane Suzy homemaker who cooks...

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Evolution and History of Cooking

EVOLUTION AND HISTORY OF COOKING: The value of history is that it helps us to understand the present and the future. In food service, knowledge of our professional heritage helps us to see why we do things as we do, how our cooking techniques have developed and refined and how we can continue to develop and innovate in the years ahead. THE EGYPTIANS: • First recorded instance of inn-keeping • Generally managed by mother and father operations • Most food was from their own gardens...

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Cooking Equals Art

Cooking equals art You know the saying “The Way To A Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach”, well I think everyone would agree with me when I say the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Cooking has to be done during one’s life time; it is not something that can be easily avoidable. It’s something many people do on regular basics and has become an expert in. What you do every day consider art. Art can be acknowledged as something that is created and then just consumed. Yes. Cooking is...

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Cooking as an Art Form

Cooking As an Art Form Food, cooking, and whatever related to these themes are usually considered as an art because food is an everyday item that has a wide meaning for all people. Food can be considered as an art; for example: the decoration of a food, the way a food is constructed in the plates, or even the way many different foods are being mixed in order to create a new food. Sometimes even people consider the arrangement of plates in a table as an art. This is called Table Art. Brillat-Savarin...

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Comparrative Essay of Cooking Programs.

Comparative Essay of cooking programs “Nigella Bites” & “Surfing The Menu”. “Nigella Bites” And “Surfing the Menu” are two cooking programmes that share the same end result of delicious foods, but are very different in the contrasting aspects of social context, form and purpose which all help to reflect the cooking styles and personalities of their hosts. The atmosphere and contents of both shows generally appeal to the audiences of a different social status and/or age group. Set in Britain,...

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Basic cooking principle

Basic cooking principle CONDUCTION Conduction occurs in two ways: 1. When heat moves directly from one item to another part of item example, from the top of the range to a soup pot placed on it, from the pot to the broth inside, and from the broth to the solid food items in it. 2. When heat moves from one part of something to an adjacent part of the same item for example, from the exterior of a roast to the interior, or from a sauté pan to its handle. Different materials conduct heat at different...

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Cooking Meaning and History

1. Cooking means applying heat to food. Cooking is the process of preparing food by applying heat selecting, measuring and combing ingredient's. And making sure its edible. The term is often used in the narrower sense of applying heat to chemicaly transform a food to change flavor, texture, apperence or nutritional feature. 2. 3. A restaurant is an establishment which prepares and serves food and drink to customers in return for money, either paid before the meal, after the meal, or...

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Cooking and Food Safety Measures

- Dried foods will be decanted into seal-able containers in order to protect from physical and chemical contamination ( Serving: - Serving Ready-to-eat food (e.g. sliced fruit, cooked pizza, bread) without additional washing or cooking to remove microorganisms. - Must use utensils such as tongs, scoops, deli papers, or single-use gloves to keep from touching ready-to-eat foods. - You place food and drink within easy reach of the individual - You serve food and drink...

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September 13, 2013 2-BPS/ENG03 Prof. De Jesus, s. d. Observe a cooking demonstration online, in a department store or on television. Write a paragraph that describes how a speaker uses gestures, eye contact and vocal variety to hold the audience’s interest. If the speaker uses an audiovisual aid, describe how it is being used. I love watching cooking shows on the Food Network or on the Lifestyle Network. My favorite cooking show is Everyday Italian, not because I love Italian foods but the...

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 PURIFYING USED COOKING OIL CONDUCTED BY GROUP 5 Hazel F. Arbis Shezekiah Cangson Dave C. Enriquez Shaira Lyn Foja Michael Fajarito Chenary Magne Fetalsana Fely Jane Factor Ann Earl Reyes Background of the Study Oil used in cooking foods is commonly derived from vegetables. Cooking oil is commonly used for frying. Oil used for frying is usually thrown away. The recycling of cooking oil also provides a form of revenue for restaurants, which are sometimes...

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Malunggay as an effective cooking oil

THE EFFECTIVITY OF MALUNGGAY (Moringa Oleifera) LEAVES EXTRACT AS AN ALTERNATIVE COOKING OIL (Group 4) Louiejabe Yap Nuniala Justine Aligor Agustin John Patrick Bagadiong Cruz Mitzi Louise Hisoller Hojilla John Patrick S. Caparoso Bianca Renee Valaquio Bendero 7-Galileo Galilei December 2013 Mr. Abraham Saturnino C. Barrientos Table of Contents I. Introduction Background of the Study................................................... 3 Statement of the Problem....

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Aboriginal cooking methods, Aboriginal dreaming, Aboriginals in jail and custody

Aboriginal Cooking Methods The traditional ways to cook for aboriginals used to involve roasting their food on hot coals, baking in the ashes & steaming in ground ovens. But today theses things have changed & the aboriginals have easier ways to cook using 'technology' from today. They have adapted to make the process easier by boiling & barbequing. Roasting; When cooking meat, this was the basic technique, which was almost always used. They cooked most meat, fish & small turtles. To make sure...

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of liquid as well as the flavor of the liquid. There are three basic methods for preparing barley with hot liquid: boiling, absorption, and steaming. It is optional and desirable to some to soak barley in water prior to cooking in order to decrease cooking time. Before cooking barley, rinse it thoroughly with water to remove any dirt or debris. After rinsing, bring two cups of water to a boil in a saucepan, and add one cup of pearled barley. Reduce the heat to low, cover the pan, and let it simmer...

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disadvantages fast food

washing the dishes. Such problems simply don't exist when going for fast food. This is also an excellent choice for people who don't like or don't know to cook or for single people who don't feel like cooking for one. Fast food is definitely cheaper, especially for people who live on their own. When cooking for a single person, you almost always end up with more food than necessary. Fast food on the other hand comes at a lower price than home cooked meals. Even though the main disadvantages of fast...

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Hispanic Cuisine: a Significant Ingredient in Like Water for Chocolate

First of all, the title of the novel makes reference to food, but it also has a deeper meaning. Images of heat and fire permeate the novel as expressions of intense emotion. Heat is necessary during the preparation of many foods. In the science of cooking, heat is a force to be used precisely; the novel's title phrase "like water for chocolate," refers to the fact that water must be brought to the threshold of boiling and lowered three times before cacao powder can be added to make hot chocolate. ...

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Writing samples for IELTS

restaurant, the menu is limited. This makes it clear that eating at home provides with a greater degree of choice. Another benefit to reap by cooking at home is the healthy state of the meal. The food that we eat outside might not be cooked under strict conditions of hygiene or might be stale and thus, can prove to be a cause of health problems. While cooking food for myself, I can make sure that the utensils are washed and the ingredients are clean and fresh. This strengthens the view that generally...

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Pest Analysis Cully and Sully

around this. So how could they bring a customer high quality food but do it quickly? Using a method called “sous vide” from France which involves cooking food for a long period of time in airtight plastic bags which are placed in hot water. This food has a shelf life of a month and Colm and Cullen have adopted this as their favored method of cooking in terms of lifetime and quality of the product. They decided to outsource their production to France because of the associated costs of building...

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My Business Plan

of R. Lapid’s was born. To meet the expectations of its consumers, R. Lapid’s consistently serves deliciously tasty barbecue and crispy newly puffed chicharon at its best quality. The taste of the vinegar that go with the chicharon was improved by cooking and adding fresh garlic. Additional “chili” chicharon was offered to its customers and was accepted with notable commendations.      To further improve its product quality, R. Lapid's has begun importing its raw materials from the United States,...

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Comparision of Korean Japanese and Chinese cuisine

Korean people like to eat grilled meat, so their chopsticks are made by mental in order to prevent morph because of the heat from the charcoal stoves. It is also convenient to wash it. About the cooking methods of Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine and Korean cuisine. There are a various of cooking methods of Chinese cuisine, they are fried, cooked, leavened, boiled, braised, steamed, grilled, stir, simmer and rinse……etc. You can see that Chinese cuisine’s making steps are complicated. Moreover...

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Outline: Nutrition and Home

self) Fast food like McDonald’s, Wendy or Taco bell? Or maybe cooking your own meal? III. (Thesis/Mapping Statement) Today, I am going to persuade you try to cook your own meal because you can control the ingredients and eat what you want which is more healthy than eating fast food. I will discuss why people hate cooking their own meal. Then I will share the benefit of cooking own food. (TRANSITION: In today's hectic world, cooking has become a luxury, while eating out is seen as a necessity. This...

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career you are passionate about or is this just a job to you? Started off because he loved being around food and cooking for people. He is very passionate about his culinary career and loves learning new things about cooking everyday. Do you have a preferred style of cooking? First enjoyed southwestern style cooking, then moved near the Louisiana border and picked up Cajun stye cooking. After moving to Florida he realized that a certain style was not as important as staying with the current changing...

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Home cook meals Vs. Fast Food

ingredients are coming from. According to an article that was written by Beth Hoffman for www.forbes.com, Americans eat most of their meals out. Beth talks about 4 reasons about why cooking your own meals will benefit a family. She stated that cooking at home is better for the environment due to the fact that cooking at home takes less energy and resources to cook at home. (Hoffman, 2013) Processed food are often frozen which leads to more energy consumption and then cooked again which uses more...

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The Pizza I Make That My Family Cherishes

pound of hamburger and one pound of Italian sausage per pizza. I put them both in a large pan, cook, and stir it on very low heat; I use a separate pan for each pizza. The low heat is so that it will crumble easier. I make the crust while that is cooking, but I stir the hamburger often. The smell of the meat fills the house and makes everyone's mouth water. To make the crust, I mix together three cups of Bisquick and three-quarters cup of water. I do not want it to be too sticky, I can add more Bisquick...

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Charcoal ANGELICUM COLLEGE Quezon City An Investigatory Project: Charcoal Leaves as an alternative for cooking Presented to: Ms. Rowelyn Molina In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Physics Submitted by: Christine Siatan Edbal Cajilig Laura Coronel Tristan Yapchiongco Japeth Mendoza Ericka Dizon Gabriel Cabacungan Jetrix Jose Abstract Dried leaves are the main material in the project. The purpose of doing the project is to find an alternative if the ordinary is not available. And the researchers...

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Cooking oil as an additive of candle

Hypothesis It is feasible to make candles out of used cooking. Candles out of used cooking oil can be comparable to candles out of paraffin wax (commercial candle) in terms of: a. Lifespan b. Type of flame Scope and Limitations Upon conducting the experimentation process, the researchers had found out some limitations within the projects and these are the following: 1. The researchers did not include the measurement of the amount of light given off by each candle because the instrument used...

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Saxonville Sausage

consumers voted on several topics, and family connection was the most popular choice. Clever cooking was second, because they wanted it to have the high quality ingredients but could be prepared many different ways so she could add her own special touch. 4. Follow the example of exhibit 7, what might a positioning “ladder” look like for each of the two “finalist” Italian sausage? Family Connection Clever Cooking Value Great Tasting Great tasting Emotional Benefit Brings the family together at the dinner...

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Culinary Art and Chef

always enjoyed cooking when I did it. Cooking always made me happy and that’s when I decide that I wanted to be a chef. Growing up I was always watching people cook on cooking shows that came on TV watching those cooking shows made me more interested and more interested because I was learning more about food that I didn’t know before. I would watch them every day and learned more from those shows every day. I always wanted to cook because I love making people happy and I like cooking. I wanted...

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Help food

CULINARY SCHOOLS & COOKING CLASSES From Amateur & Basic Cooking Classes to Professional Chef Training & Degrees - Associates, Bachelors & Masters More than 1,000 schools & classes listed for all 50 States, Online and Worldwide FOOD VIDEO SECTION Recipe Videos, BBQ & Grilling, Food Safety, Food Science, Food Festivals, Beverages, Vintage Commercials, etc. TOP FOOD ARTICLES, WEEKLY COLUMNS, NEWS and SPECIAL FEATURES · Recipe Contests - Win $$$ ...

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Haccp Plan

Prepare Make sure all dirt is washed off of the vegetables and all properly peeled. Holding Make sure the Flank steak is ready to be prepared for baking, meaning it has been Cooking Make sure the steak has been baked evenly, in and out of the dish. Holding Keep the finished product in ½ gastronome and wrap it with saran wrap Serve ...

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Narrative Paper Example

Lauren West Miss. DeNardi Section #53 Feb 1, 2011 My True Passion: Cooking “Lauren Victoria, where are you I need you in the kitchen,” my mom said to me, as she was up to here neck in flour. “You need to wash your hands first then I’m going to teach you how to cook.” Some of the best memories I have of my life is of my mom and I in the kitchen cooking dinner. My love for cooking grew because of her. Making and creating foods has been a passion of mine and you could even say it was...

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Ppt Comparison and Contrast Essay

Supporting idea: taste delicious Evidence: ghee rice with beef or mutton Para: 2 Topic sentence: Although there are a number of similarities, there are several differences between fast and home cooked meals. Supporting idea: fat content Evidence: cooking oil Supporting idea: time to cook Evidence: many people to help Supporting idea: readily available Evidence: for sale and business III. Conclusion 1. A short summary: In short, we can see that fast and home cooked meals are similar in many ways...

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Chinese Cuisine

China. Cooking is considered an art in Chinese culture whereas all other philosophies consider it a craft. The two main philosophies of the Chinese culture are Confucianism and Taoism. Both influenced China's history and the Culinary Arts. Confucianism stressed the importance of enjoyment of life involving the art of cooking. If you have a gathering, there must be food. If there is not the gathering is considered incomplete and improper. Confucius loved and respected the art of cooking. He established...

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Broad History of Culinary Arts

preparation and cooking of foods. Culinary artists are usually responsible for preparing meals skillfully, which implies that the food made is appealing to the eye and the palate. The culinary arts history dates back from 1800s, when the first school in Boston involved in teaching the art of cooking became discovered. Various changes have taken place in the culinary arts from the discovery time to the present. For instance, various cooking methods are continuously being discovered. Although cooking was once...

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Mid Day Meal Scheme

addition to free supply of food grains, the revised scheme provided Central Assistance for (a) Cooking cost @ Re 1 per child per school day, (b) Transport subsidy was raised from the earlier maximum of Rs.50 per quintal to Rs.100 per quintal for special category states, and Rs.75 per quintal for other states, (c) Management, monitoring and evaluation costs @ 2% of the cost of food grains, transport subsidy and cooking assistance, (d) Provision of mid day meal during summer vacation in drought affected areas...

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Purifying Used Cooking Oil

I. INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Oil used in cooking foods is commonly derived from vegetables. Cooking oil is commonly used for frying and oil used for frying is usually thrown away. The recycling of cooking oil also provides a form of revenue for restaurants, which are sometimes compensated by cooking oil recyclers for their used deep fryer oil. Cooking oil recycling also results in less used oil being disposed of in drains, which can clog sewage lines due to the build-up of fats...

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Home food vs fast food

advocating cooking at home. One of the biggest advantages of fast food is that it is really fast. People do not spend much time ordering their food and eating it on the go. People tend to work more and cook less than they used to 50 years ago (Folbre). Technological development simplify people's attitude to food and cooking; all they need is to heat their meals in the microwave oven. Moreover, accessibility of fast food restaurants is becoming better and better. Contrary to this, cooking at home seems...

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My Culinary Journey with Marco Polo

challenge, cooking a variety of egg dishes every morning and making one or two sauces every other day. Aside from the cooking, one has to practice good customer service due to the interactive kitchen set up that we have in Cafe Marco. As the weeks progressed I have come to enjoy the work I do and the people I work with in the kitchen. At the same time, the Chef’s at the Western kitchen taught me a lot of ways and techniques in cooking which. It was a month of cooking eggs, making sauces, cooking pasta...

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The Evolution of Sauces

piquancy to something.” Culinary authors all seem to agree that there was once an insurmountable body of literature on the subject of cooking and gastronomy in ancient Greece. Although, little of it has ceased to survive, possibly due to the catastrophic fire that destroyed the library in Alexandria. However, amidst the written works which did survive was “Art of Cooking” compiled in Syracuse by Mithaecus in the fifth century B.C. In the fourth century B.C. a man known as Archestratus of Gela, from...

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The Art of Grilling

from a long day of going to classes and studying there is one thing that I especially look forward to. Some people may want to go grab a beer or turn on the T.V and lounge around, but my vision of a perfect evening is one spent in front of a grill, cooking whatever it is I've chosen for dinner. I'm not sure why I like to grill so much but my guess would be because my dad loves to. I'm from Tampa so it was never to cold to grill and a day rarely passed, rain or shine, that my dad wasn't out grilling...

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to prepare and cook the meat. a-You need to brown pork, beef and the veal 3-You also need to add the tomatoes, vegetables and spices. a-How to prepare the tomatoes b-How to prepare the vegetables c-How to prepare the spices          4-Cooking times and precautions are also important. a-Sauce should cook for 4-8 hours b-Need to stir every 20 minutes to avoid burning C-How to serve the Sunday meat sauce 1-This is a good time to invite friends and family over for dinner.         ...

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good for 2 portions. Main ingredients is peaches complimented with a local fruits 2. The flambé must be presented with music and dance with a maximum of 8 minutes( Dance, Music, Flambe and Plating) 3. Decoration can be pre prepared 4. Cooking of fruits must be on the spot 5. Participant should be ready 45 minutes prior to competition 6. Participant must wear their complete Chef’s uniform during the competition 7. Recipe name and ingredients must be submitted. Participant...

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The History of Chinese Cuisine

did it originate 2. Traditional Staples B. Chinese Culture 1. Beliefs A) Chinese New Year B) Kitchen God C. Chinese Tea Culture II. Chinese Cuisine A. Basic Meats 1. Chicken 2. Beef 3. Pork B. Basic Seasonings III. Cooking Methods A. Stir-Frying B. Chopstick History V. Conclusion A. Chinese cuisine today Cheyenne Wagner 14234 SE 62nd Ct. Summerfield, Florida 34491 March 3, 2011 Ward Period 2 Word Count: 1713 The History of Chinese Culture and Cuisine ...

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Classic Cuisine: It's a late 19th and early 20th century refinement of French classic cuisine. It relies on the thorough exploration of culinary principles and techniques. Cooking: It's a transfer to energy from a heat source to a food. It's a preparation of food for consumption. It is also the art, practice and work of cooking. Auguste Escoffier: He is called the “emperor of the world’s kitchens”. He is probably the best known for defining French cuisine and dining during La belle Epoque. Also...

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Mgt 162

The_________ of a slice of meat determines its cooking time. a) thickness b) grade c) weight d) age 10. Which of the following thick soups are most likely to contain seafood? a) cream soup b) purees c) bisque d) potages 11. Vegetables are least likely to be__________ . a) poached b) braised c) boiled d) deep fried 12. _________ can protect a roast from drying while cooking. a) cooking it fat side up b) barding c) larding ...

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Research Report About Culinary Arts

HISTORY Page 3 ….......................................................................CULINARY ARTS BASICS : The Fundamentals of Cooking A. Food Safety Page 4 …........................................................................ B. Knife Skills & Basic Knife Cuts Page 5 …........................................................................ C. Cooking Principles D. Stocks & Sauces Page 6 …........................................................................ BECOMING A...

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clearly find that all the ingredients in the junk food could eat and provide people nutrients. Let us recall that early epic in human history, first of all, people are feed with the cold bloody raw materials and then begin to processing and cooking. People gradually learn how to refine and reproduce food which is a huge process in human evolution. With the increasing in human population, the satisfaction of food become more and more urge and large. Human cannot just collect food from the earth...

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The Aim of This Essay Is to Explore the Eating Patterns of Students at Oxford Brookes

people who prefer is 10% which is the same as that of Middle East. However, there are 10% of students chose ‘others’. [pic] Chart2: the frequency of students’ cooking The second chart above illustrates the frequency with regarding how often students cook their own meal at Brookes. 35% of female and 30% of male reported that they do cooking every day. In addition, with the percentage of students who cook meal once a week, the proportion of females accounted for 5% and the rate of male is 15%. However...

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Spices, herbs, and other flavorings for example: rum, sesame seeds, oregano, garlic, black pepper, cinnamon, curry, honey, cilantro, cumin, and coconut milk, adobo, sofrito, also play a huge role in complementing the cuisine. In addition to regular cooking methods practiced in the Caribbean, Floribbean is more light-weight with using less oil, frying, and fattening ingredients. What also makes this cuisine unique is the fact that Floribbean cuisine uses hot (spicy) and cold (fresh fruits) ingredients...

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Language Assessment - Future Perfect & Continuous

| |She will have cooked supper by the time I get home. | |This time next month, I will be cooking a lot. | |Meaning: (try to state this in student-friendly language) ...

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Food Safety Management

each hazard could occur (4 X 3 marks) Food Item: - Chicken Korma (Key ingredients-cream, almonds& gravy served with rice) Microbiological Hazards: - Cooking, cooling & storing in inadequate temperature and transporting without care of cross contamination Pathogenic bacteria produce and multiply. Campylobacter–Generally under cooking chicken can harbour the pathogens.Staphylococcus aureus-Commonly found in human body, bad personal hygiene and preparation food too far in advance of service...

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Eat at Home Speech Outline

saves more than $2,000 a year by simply eating and cooking at home. According to a recent Cambridge study, people who cook up to five times a week were 47 percent more likely to still be alive after 10 years. B.      Connection: According to my class survey,94% of you know how to cook and 77% of you eat at home. C.       Credibility: I have researched websites, books, and magazines. I am convinced that with all the evidence provided cooking at home is more beneficial than eating out. D.     ...

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Original colour Final colour Starch solution Distilled water D Test for lipids using grease spot test Sample Presence of translucent spot after drying? Before immersing into organic solvent After immersing into organic solvent Cooking oil Egg white solution Distilled water E Test for proteins using Albustix paper Sample Albustix paper Original colour Final colour Egg white solution Distilled water F Test for vitamin C using DCPIP solution Sample ...

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Career Investigation

What are the most important skills for the job? Communication skills / social skills / practical skills / problem solving skills. What are the most important personal qualities or attributes required for this position? Interest in food and cooking. Identify 2 different courses that may lead to this career: Qualification awarded: Honours Bachelor Degree - Level 8 Course Name & Code: Culinary arts DT407 College Name: Dublin Institute Of Technology. Qualification awarded: Honours...

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the battle of foods

instead of cooking at home. For instance, people in the U.S. are known for leading very busy lives. As a result of the demanding life’s obligations and responsibilities, people are forced to minimize time-spending on almost every activity they do throughout the day. People would rather buy a fast-food-prepared meal to save time because it is faster, convenient, and it doesn’t require a major effort in comparison to cook a meal at home that implies preparation, dedication, clean after cooking the meal...

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Engineer's Report

Engineer’s Report Good Chefs really like cooking fresh, healthy and nutritious food that are at the same time fast and easy to prepare, native foods and chinese noodles in the food chain will surely be acceptable in the field of this marketing. With regards to the unique technique in cooking, good equipment’s used will do best in turning out the result of the delicious menu. Air pollution facilities and equipment inside the kitchen area is being done well that makes the chefs, food assistant...

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Puryfying Used Cooking Oil

sedimentation, activated carbon, and decantation and boiling on purifying used coconut, palm and vegetable oil. The researcher’s experiment resulted to the change of appearance, odour and viscosity of each type of oil. The now purified cooking oil is faster to heat which makes cooking easier, faster and more efficient. The purified oil is quite beneficial however it does not take in as much taste as the unpurified ones. Overall the experiment was very successful in terms of finding the positive differences...

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outdoor eating and food safety

eating. Cooking and eating outdoors simply requires the same knowledge of food and standards of hygiene as those used in the kitchen. Barbecue hints and tips A sheltered, level site away from anything that could catch fire is best. Never try to move a lit barbecue, or leave it unattended. Good timing A charcoal barbecue needs to be lit about 45 minutes before you would like to start cooking. A gas barbecue should be lit about 10 minutes before use. Controlled cooking Begin cooking when...

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example of job advertising

Arts or equivalent. At least two years experience working in cooking industry. Strong leadership and communication skills. Able to lead the team of cooking department. Able to motivate the team members to work harder for the company. Must have creativeness to create new recipe. Good in English and Mandarin. Responsibilities Lead the cooking team. Improve and remain the quality of foods. Develop a new recipe. Make sure the cooking department running smoothly. Make sure the foods are fresh...

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