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Pulmonary disease or lung disease is any disease or disorder that occurs in the lungs or that causes the lungs or that causes the lungs not to work correctly. Some diseases or disorders that affect the lungs are Pneumothrax, Pneumonia, Hemothorax, and Infectious Mononucleosis: Epstein - Barr virus Infection. There are many signs, symptoms, treatments and medications for Pulmonary diseases. Symptoms and signs for Pneumothorax varies from patient to patient but usually includes Sudden and sharp...

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s Disease can be divided in two main groups infections and non-infections. Infectious diseases are diseases that can be spread or transmitted from one organism to another. Non – infectious diseases cannot, be spread from one person to another. Infectious Diseases Infectious diseases are generally caused by microbes known as pathogens. Pathogens invade the host and can cause changes in the body that stop parts, or all, of the body working correctly. Pathogens contain antigens that are made of...

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Among the current fields of research in Biotechnology, research on drugs and vaccines targeting viral diseases such as HIV/AIDs has been of major importance given the high prevalence of these diseases across the world. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a type of virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune-deficiency Syndrome) (HIV and AIDS, n.d). The virus devastates the body’s defense mechanism, leaving a victim highly susceptible to opportunistic infections such as those caused by bacteria, fungi...

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Obesity is not a Disease

 Is Obesity Really a Disease? The controversial debate on whether obesity should be classified as a disease has been around for some time. Recently, the American Medical Association officially classified obesity as a disease. Disease is generally defined as an abnormal condition that results from developmental errors and/or unfavorable environmental factors that cannot be controlled. It can be caused by an external source, such as some sort of pathogen or an internal dysfunction of cells. Obesity...

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Chronic Diseases

Chronic Diseases SCI/163 May 16, 2013 Chronic Diseases There are many chronic diseases plaguing our society. One of the most notable diseases is cancer. Cancer affects many different organs and tissue throughout the body, thus there are many different types of cancer. Recently, cancer and the treatments for cancer have directly affected my life; therefore I chose to take the health risk assessment on breast cancer. After discovering in October 2011 that my mother had breast cancer I started...

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The Disease of Masturbation

The Disease of Masturbation: Values and the concept of Disease by Engelhardt Englhardt’s article The Disease Of Masturbation is an example of the ways in which values impact society’s definition of disease. I agree that it is possible that science is being, or has been, limited by the values within society. For science to conclude that masturbation causes such aliments as blindness and epilepsy it appears evident that science is being misguided by values of the time. I believe...

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The Disease of Me

The Disease of Me This was written by Alan Stein and modified by Renee Roggow …Many kids today don’t understand that volleyball is a we game – not a me game. They play for the scorebook, not the scoreboard. They play for the name on the back of their jersey instead of the name on the front. ‘ There are 3 symptoms of the ‘disease of me’ – each of which severely stagnates a player’s growth and development. I have seen each of these symptoms from players of every age and every level: 1....

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Five Deadly Diseases Explained

able to decide on the top five most harmful and debilitating diseases to the brain; depression, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and autism. After doing extensive research on each disease, they hope to use the research learn how to prevent and treat these diseases as well as use them to better understand the way that the brain functions and controls the body. This article explores not only what goes wrong in the brain when these diseases occur, but it compares the treatments practiced by doctors...

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European Diseases

deadly diseases infecting an unsuspecting population that had no immunity to such diseases. The Europeans were said to be thoroughly diseased by the time Columbus set sail on his first voyage (Cowley, 1991). Through the domestication of such animals as pigs, horses, sheep, and cattle, the Europeans exposed themselves to a vast array of pathogens which continued to be spread through wars, explorations, and city-building. Thus any European who crossed the Atlantic was immune to such diseases as measles...

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Role of Family in Health and Disease

Paper Topic: Role of family in health and disease Role of family in health and disease The good health of an individual primarily increases the longevity of an individual 's life . The sphere of health has increased far beyond the concept of health system of the previous generation , including exercise and well-being . In this context , autonomy means the right of the patient to choose the treatment that he believes is best for him . The intimate knowledge of the family regarding the individual...

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