Communicable Diseases

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Communicable diseases are those that are spread from one person to another person, from animal to animal, or from animal to person, or vice versa. It is likely that everyone will come down with a communicable disease at some point in their lives. It is important to learn about the causes of communicable diseases and ways to prevent their spread. For example, some may say that HIV is caused by sexual contact. This is not true. It is simply the way it is spread. Causes of communicable diseases are dependent on a number of factors, including the agent, environment, transfer method and host. CAUSES OF

The Agent
In most cases, communicable diseases are either viruses or bacteria. These are known as agents. Both have the ability to cause remarkably similar symptoms. In most cases, those who are unsure should be checked by a doctor in order to get an accurate diagnosis. In both cases, the doctor can prescribe a treatment plan, if one exists, for the patient. Environment

One of the primary causes of communicable diseases is the environment. Diseases are much more likely to spread in places where hygienic practices are minimal. Furthermore, being around those with communicable diseases is also a high-risk factor. Therefore, care should be taken to keep the environment as clean as possible and avoid direct contact with those who are ill whenever possible.

Every virus must have a host in order to carry out a life cycle of replication, which is responsible for eventually making a person becoming ill. Bacteria, which can live for an extended period of time outside of a host, still need to find one eventually. Therefore, these agents are engineered by evolution to seek out a host as quickly as possible .

Body pains
Loss of appetite and weight
Lack of energy and strength
Increased frequency of stooling
Rash in the mouth especially in cases of chicken...
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