Topics: Skin, Rhetoric, Audience / Pages: 3 (622 words) / Published: Dec 16th, 2013
Many may believe the skin is the most obsolete organ that humans have, but that is far from the truth. Scientists, just recently, have come to the conclusion that human skin is equipped with the strongest, most convoluted defense system that the body can produce. To the naked eye, the surface of the skin may seem like a calm, untouched wasteland scattered with grass-like follicles, but, magnified, it is a battle zone of the body's defenses fending off unwanted, invading bacteria (Metaphor). With that being said, skin has inspired and provoked countless rhetorical pieces. In Passage 1 and 2, the authors' purposes differ, but they both utilize diction, motif, and the modes of persuasion to effectively elaborate on skin.
The differing dictions that each author uses illuminate their different objectives. Passage 1 begins with a praising assertion about skin: "layered fine as baklava, whose colors shame the dawn...” set the colorful mood for the whole selection. Being poetic, this type of diction creates a visual for the audience; hence it is used for telling an imaginative story about skin: the purpose of the first passage. Passage 2 is on a different page; it consists of bluntly lashed out information: "each square centimeter has 6 millions cells, 5,000 sensory points, 100 sweat glands..." (Idiom) Opposite of that of Passage 1, this straightforward, formal diction permeates the excerpt with the earthy smell of a school textbook. (Metaphor) With their specific dictions, the two passages effectively convey their purposes on their pieces to the audiences of their choice.
The underlying motifs in these selections further assist in perpetuating their objectives. Passage 1 contains customary comparisons of skin to nature and to war, bestowing skin with the qualities of life. In this excerpt,”Identical cells spring… each as tall and columnar as its brother,” the cells of the skin are brought up as brothers; the author personifies skin cells to have siblings- family. In

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