Top Ten Advertising Agency in India

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Top Te‘Advertising’ is a medium meant to propagate ideas to people using any means of communication. Liberalization has empowered advertising and has completely changed the Indian advertising scenario. The major areas touched by advertising are FMCG’s food market, cosmetics etc. Advertising is like the two sides of a coin. Sometimes it may seem that advertisements send out the wrong message or impel people to buy certain products. On the other hand, advertising can be perceived as a means to sell a product or a service which can improve by competition. Today, advertising is booming. With the growing markets and competition, it has become an essential tool to reach the target market as well as the target audience. Advertisers in India have reached 75 percent of the population, using television as a media device, and the rest of the population is reached via radio. India, however, favors newspapers, magazines, television, radio, billboards and business publications to convey messages about various products. It is the advertising agencies’ advertisements which portray ideas to the audience – agencies that compete to be ranked as the best. The world’s leading advertising agencies – Ogilvy and Mather, J. Walter Thompson, BBDO, Lintas, McCann-Ericsson and Leo Burnett have successfully made a mark in the Indian market. The advertising agencies are ranked in order of their creativity as well as the expertise to deliver the content and message to the clientèle. There are many parameters on which they are graded, and these are just a few.

The top ten advertising agencies of India (2006-2007)
• Ogilvy and Mather Limited:- Headed by Mr. Piyush Pandey: The most local of the internationals, The most international of the locals are words written to describe the identity of Ogilvy. Basically, what this means is that the advertising agency follows the local market, understands the customer's needs and then networks worldwide with MNC and other relevant clients. In all its years of business, Ogilvy has struggled to build brands and has proved its ability to build brands. The agency does its best to enhance the customer-brand relation. For this, it undergoes the process of scrutiny of the tools and techniques which work well to build a long and lasting association with a brand.

Mudra communications Pvt. Ltd:- Head: Mr. Madhukar Kamath: The agency practises the art of communication in order to express ideas that can shape the brands. As the name suggests, the agency is influenced by the artistic traditions of Indian dance, drama and painting. These, in turn, inculcate feelings, ideas, thoughts and emotions for the success of a brand. Mudra peeps into the local consumer markets, channels and media, and has its own identity in communication of brands. It looks for the entrepreneurial zeal which causes continuous and speedy growth for each brand. The advertising agency always believed in doing interesting work that pleases its clients. •Lintas India Pvt. Ltd:- Head: Mr. Pranesh Misra (President & COO - Lowe, India): After the merge of Lintas India Ltd. with Lowe Lintas and Partners group of the UK, it is now known as Lowe Lintas. India Pvt. Ltd. The turnover of Lintas is Rs. 750 crore. The advertising agency inculcates advertising, media buying house, direct marketing, public relations, design consultancy, market research, events, rural communications and interactive communications. Enterprise Nexus, the agency partner of Lowe in India, continues to be a member and is known as the ‘Independent Brands’ division which is the only specialist in advertising and marketing communications. Lowe Lintas India is a successful agency which is inclined towards quality creative advertising and works for the benefit of its clients. •JWT (Hindustan Thompson Associates Pvt. Ltd.):- Head:Mr.Colvyn Harris (Chief Executive Officer): The advertising agency has a special portfolio which includes creativity, innovation, clients, case...

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The 2012 campaign focuses on an 'organisation made to bring joy to people '
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