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Topics: Professional, Philosophy of language, Advertising Pages: 2 (307 words) Published: August 31, 2011

Title: Advertising – Concept and Importance

General purpose: is to make the readers more clear about advertising


Specific purpose / proposition: to show basic concept of advertising and why its is so important for all business and to present in brief about some popular mediums of advertising being used today and professional scope.

Body (main points)

Concept of advertising:

Support points:
• basic purpose of advertising is to give information (about product, company etc.), • change or develop attitudes and induce action (increase sale) • advertising can be digital (TV, radio, internet) or physical (press) • it is communication between companies and clients

1. importance of advertising to companies

Support points:
• advertising helps companies to stand out of their competitor • it increases the demand of production
• it helps creating a brand
• a tool to introduce a new product

2. the most popular mediums of advertising

Support points:
• Newspapers and Magazines,
• Brochures and flyers,
• Television and Radio,
• Internet
• Bill Boards or Hoarding Boards.

4. Advertising as a Profession

Support points:
• Different professionls in Advertising agencies
• Creative Directors
• Designers
• Media personnel
• Photographer & Cameraman and many more.

Summary OR Conclusion

Advertising thus very important for any types of business weather it is small or large to meet their ultimate goal. Weather it is to maximize profit or goodwill advertising plays a very important role. Large amount of budgets are allocated by companies for the purpose of advertising and thorough the use of modern techniques the world of advertising have become more colourful than ever. With the great importance there comes large...
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