Topics: Advertising, Brand, Corporation Pages: 4 (880 words) Published: February 26, 2015
Advertisement is a way of marketing communication which is used to persuade or attract the audience, in order to continue some actions usually with respect to the commercial offerings. The purpose of advertisement can also be to reassure shareholders or employees that a company is successful or viable. We are living in the world in which we find the advertisement boards and circulars everywhere. This is why we find so much involvement of advertisement in our lives. Thesis statement:

Advertisement is much involved in our life routine now a day, and challenges to the field of advertisement. Explanation:
If a student walk through the campus for a while then and if he stat to note and count the advertisement boards and brand logos, then he will be surprised after calculating that how much advertisement is present in his campus. The most of the advertisement will be of the food items. Dozens of the advertisements will be of snacks and beverages and soda bottles. They all will be demanding from you to spend your money in buying their products. (Advertisement, Chapter 19, page no130) The other type of boards will be asking to you that should take the books from the campus and do not buy online. There are ads present in on any city bus benches on campus. If we walk around the parking lot, then we will find logo after logo on the cars and trucks parked there. The billboards can also probably be seen. Then we can notice the corporate logos people are wearing: Nike, Gap,, Reebok, Tomy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie and Fitch, Dickies, Aeropostal and endless ever renewing, host of others. Many of us, are involved in displaying these corporate logos on our clothes. (Advertisement, Chapter 19, page no131) We pay money to buy these products and become the source to advertise their products. These incidental forms of advertisement are all around us. They make up what the American novelist Don Delillo calls our cultural “white noise”. Now if we see the...
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