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Topics: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, Ton Pages: 2 (344 words) Published: March 22, 2011
Presentation Outline:
Hello, my name is John I am a Finance Major, and I went abroad during my Junior year, in the Fall of 2009. I studied for a semester at the University of St. Andrews in St. Andrews, Scotland.

United Kingdom; what is it? Made up of England, Scotland, Whales and Northern Ireland. •Distance from major cities, why St. Andrews is famous

Choosing the country was difficult, I wanted to go everywhere. Looking at pictures, intensive research and history helped narrow it down. I just connected with it. •IFSA – Butler was one of the only programs to go there, but they also offered a ton of in-country support. •Upon arrival some of the most immediate differences are: Currency, Traffic (foot traffic), Speech •Arrival orientation – gathered at a hotel in Edinburgh, met with the three on-site coordinators, 3 days of seminars and the rest was free time. Topics: cultural customs, legal/not legal (mace), host institution run down, academics run down.

Course structure: lecture and tutorial, classes with residential, international and American students (St. Andrews is very American/International), •Took courses for major (economics) and GERs (geoscience, philosophy), •Each class worth 5 credits, no busy work – all papers and exams and reports.

Dorm vs. Apartments was only options (I chose dorm) Why? Lots of community, ate meals together, programs (with alcohol!), location. •Lived with all types of students, roomed with someone from IFSA program. Students in apartments lived with both IFSA and other students. •Halls = houses, hall shirts, inter-hall sports

Travel! Since Europe is close-knit, I got to travel many places and for cheap. •Excursions provided by IFSA
Beach walks, hall programs and balls, sporting matches (rugby), walking the town (ancient history), coffee and tea, pubs pubs pubs!

To travel is to possess the world – To me this really means that...
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