The Important Day of my life

Topics: Change, Science, National University of Singapore Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: April 5, 2014
Mansoor 1
Umar Mansoor
Janet Sarjeant
Feb 17th, 2012
The Important day of my life
The life is a complete journey in which every second is a new experience for us. Some remarkable experiences can change our whole life and we learn from them many different things that we cannot forget ever. Same way, I remember the first most memorable and important day of my life when I went to my first journey, out of my country, away from my family, when I was 12, which then led to a life changing experience for me. I got a chance to go to Singapore for the study tour in “International Gateway for Gifted Youth (IGGY) Winter U” program on December 2008 for almost 2 weeks that was a period that brought significant change in me and I got so much to learn and absorb through different experiences. I had been chosen

Mansoor 2
for the course, “Chemistry, Physics and saving the world”, for which I worked there. Well, the real experience started when I arrived at Singapore and reached my destination, National University of Singapore (NUS), where I interacted with different students who came from different countries, having different lifestyles, cultures, languages etc. During the classes, I experienced the teaching of two great teachers from Warwick University, Mr. Nick Barker and Mr. George Rowlands, who maintained the friendly environment in class. We discussed some issues connected to science and got introduced to different concepts. During the discussion, I found myself less confident to speak out in class and was reluctant to participate in it. Mr. Nick pointed me out and discussed the matter with me. While I was explaining him about the new environment and from where I’ve come from, he stopped me and said, “No matter if you’ve come from moon, we all are same here, and we’ll work as a team.” He motivated me to participate and cooperate during the discussion. He asked me to introduce myself to all the classmates and talk to them to create a comfortable...
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